Womb Consciousness births 

 conscious creations for a New Paradigm,

a timeless bridge into our full human evolutionary potential

Womb Consciousness is a living, breathing container for

Sacred Relationships and the depths of soulful intimacy we all yearn for

Womb is the foundation of Woman, primordial, rich soil of original love, strength, space

She opens in currents of dynamic life-force and pure feelings weaving through your body and soul,

activating your innate love into the roots of your humanity,

allowing heart to safely ground and bloom

In this dance of Love and Shakti within us, 

we Become part of the Web of Life

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Hara Wisdom Course

Hara Wisdom Course

Facilitated by Shekinah and Fabiana

Men are in trouble today. Most of the world’s problems stem from a wounded masculinity out of touch with the feminine and with the earth. Just as the roles of women have been distorted, so have those of men. With the Renaissance of the divine feminine, the sacred masculine now has to step up to meet her. The Goddess now wants to meet her God.

Hara Wisdom is about living into and embodying your masculine essence in manifestation. When a man lives from his innate centre of gravity and felt presence, his heart and will, then the true masculine spirit can anchor and express itself passionately and authentically into the world.

The Sacred Masculine is the basis of authentic relationship with Self, with your partner, with your children, family, and with God. This is a journey exploring and feeling your emotions, your soul, your sexual energy and the Divine and uniting them in your masculine essence.

The Sacred Masculine brings together ancient Teachings of four previous Divine Masculine Embodiments on Earth: King Arthur, King Osiris, Lord Shiva and Master Christ Yeshua. These Teachings have been brought into the 21st century for modern man.

The Hara Wisdom Course is for those desiring to delve deeper, to know and retrieve their masculine soul and ignite their Sovereign King Self. Hara Wisdom empowers men to a new level of enlightenment, to enter the authentic masculine that is transcendent and grounded, pure consciousness and deeply feeling, contemplative and action orientated, intimate and whole.

Hara Wisdom is for men who feel the call to become fully human, and therefore divine.

With the resurgence of interest in all sectors of society about the sacred feminine and the Goddess, there has not yet been the concurrent wisdom arising about the Sacred Masculine. This wisdom has been forgotten, subverted and lost. Many women are asking for this wisdom to be brought back again to help them in their relationships, their sexual expression, their partnerships, as well as integrating their own inner masculine in harmony with their feminine.

The only version of masculinity most men see is not the true masculine. It is the shadow masculine, not the mature, emotionally connected man. Many men are unsure and unclear about how to move on from previous patriarchal models of masculinity, and have discarded many valuable parts of the masculine essence.

Many men are confused as to what it means to be a man in todays world, and how to be a man with their partner and children whilst being caring, tender and lovingly engaged in relationship at the same time. There is a deep Call for this wisdom to resurface again, as there are few reference points for todays modern man to feel and access their deeper masculinity.

Hara Wisdom is unique in that it gives you the necessary insights, wisdom and tools to access your own body wisdom, emotional healing and hara consciousness in a practical experiential way.

The womb container created on our Courses provides a setting, a nourishing womb, in which your healing and opening can unfold. Through the openness of each guides womb and heart she creates a place of safety, a trustworthy place where all parts of you can feel themselves again. 

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La SabidurĂ­a del Hara: Los Portales Masculinos

June 11, 2018-December 11, 2018 - Curso online por 6 meses

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Hara Wisdom: The Male Gates

Hara Wisdom: The Male Gates

June 1st 2018

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Shekinah & Fabiana

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The 13 Goddess Yoga Forms: 13 week online journey

The 13 Goddess Yoga Forms: 13 week online journey

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