In many spiritual traditions, being a parent has been considered to hinder your own awakening. Parents simply do not have the time, energy, quiet and peace needed to meditate and contemplate for long hours every day, as is the prescribed norm in many traditions.

Many male and female spiritual teachers have left their children and families, like the Buddha, to attain enlightenment, free from earthly responsibilities and wailing children demanding your love and attention.

This is a masculine path, one of aloneness, meditation, and alignment to universal ideals that all take time to embody and align all parts of ones self to. This has been the predominant path of patriarchal awakening on this planet for thousands of years, and few are the parents who have managed to Awaken whilst tending to and nurturing their children. Until now.

The renaissance of the feminine path in the last thirty years, now allying with the more emotionally aware masculine who wishes to include his own feminine side, is helping to bring forth the New Children, the Divine Human. In so doing, a new pathway for evolution has opened up on Earth, where Child and parents both give and receive to each other in a mutual way.

The New Child helps its parents to heal themselves and expand their consciousness, IF the parents are emotionally aware and willing to engage in this way with their Child.

The New Child can and will bring up deep-seated irritations and pains within both parents by their very presence, and if the parents are humble and soulfully attuned, they can quickly heal these neglected parts of themselves, parts where love has not yet reached. New Children will touch on parts of the soul that are seldom reached by other methods and therapies, as their touch is so intimate, loving, innocent AND genetic.

The New Child challenges many existing belief systems held by society and their parents about the role of a parent, about how we see the world, how we engage with it, and indeed the very nature of children and how they are viewed. Old ideas of awakening and its processes are also being turned upside down. They will bring up everything that is not love within you, and any beliefs that are not founded on love will arise to be seen.

This is a great gift to us, to their parents, and to all humanity, IF we are willing to change our perceptions to accept their gift.

When my daughter was almost five years old, I had an opportunity to go on spiritual pilgrimage overseas. This meant leaving her with her father. At the time, my soul knew I could not turn down this deep longing, yearning for God, that would not go away, and was not being fulfilled in my current life situation.

I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, I handed my daughter over to her father for an undetermined amount of time. I knew in my soul, this was the right thing, for both of us, yet my heart and mind did not quite understand or comprehend all that I had chosen.

On that pilgrimage I was at a sacred site in Siena, Italy where I fell into deep communion with St. Catherine, a God Realised Woman. I prayed to God with all my heart and soul to receive Christ (Divine Love) in my womb. I was ready to give up everything to open myself to my next level of serving the Divine Source that was more important to me than anything else.

At that time, I thought that meant giving up everything, even my role as a mother, so that I could truly focus inward in communion and prayer. Ironically, that evening I conceived my son. Over the next few months, I awakened to the understanding that being a mother, and opening myself to be a vessel and voice for the true expression of the feminine, through sexuality, birth, and raising children, is my path to God. It was only in letting go and giving myself completely to God, that this was given to me.

It was through my experience of birth that I had on of my deepest communions with God. That experience imprinted so deeply in my being, that I can touch it now almost instantly. This is one of the many graces of being a mother.

This is also the great irony. Many evolved couples do not want to have children, for the very same reason I didn’t. And yet, these New Children coming to Earth at this time are looking to these evolved souls for a sound foundationto help bring them in and parent them. This is where the Soul’s design is so beautiful. What was once believed to be the path away from God, is really a direct route to God through our humanity.

Navigating a soulful spiritual life with a small child calls upon my creativity and patience. It is the ultimate koan to my still-surrendering mind. And yet, the foundation of love with my family is the fertile ground that has unlocked some of the deeper recesses of my feminine soul. Through this, there is less separation between prayer and living, as both become authentic opportunities for ‘being’ love.

‘Being love’ has been the ultimate catalyst for my growth. In every experience that arrives at my doorstep, I am offered an opportunity to choose love, whether that be self love or giving and receiving love with another. The ancient imprint of martyrdom on motherhood has tainted the experience into something that is separate from spirituality.

My communion and prayer time has become ever deeper, even amidst a tiny body crawling into my lap, or a tug on my skirt. What took me much time to feel and access before in meditation and prayer has now become relatively instant, even with my son talking, crawling and moving around me. Sometimes I just hold him when I pray and meditate, and there is no distraction at all!

I have realized that the journey of being a mother is not about leaving all things human behind in my search for God, as I had thought. The journey is about truly surrendering to the experience of being a human being, and finding God through this.

In each layer of surrender to the path laid before me, I find a gem birthed of my own soul. The more I open to my family, to my experiences, the more I know and express the depths of myself. Freedom lies not in the release of responsibility from without, but in the knowing of the infinite possibility within. 

An Excerpt from ''The Souls Guide to Birthing,'' by Padma Aon and Shekinah Zorensky, July 2016.

Copyright Padma Aon and Shekinah Zorensky. All Rights Reserved.  

Text © Padma Aon Prakasha and Shekinah Zorensky - All Rights Reserved.