Birth is the journey of a child from womb into world, and an initiatory journey of a woman into a deeper expression and embodiment of her femininity. It begins at the first hint of a rush and ends after the honouring of the role of the Placenta. This journey through a woman's seven gates of womb and yoni culminates in an incarnation of a child and deeper soul embodiment for a woman. This is our innate design.

The Seven Gates are biological portals of our yonis and wombs. When entered successively through labia lips, g-spot, clitoris, cervix, and into the levels of the womb, they can lead to the deepest union with ourselves, another, and with God. When they are accessed in reverse, beginning from the womb and moving through into emergence from the mouth of the yoni, they are the journey of creation, of manifestation, of birth. These gates mark the beginning (conception), and ending (birth), of pregnancy.

When we are ready to birth, we travel through the gates in reverse. The process of creation initiates from the void and culminates in the world of form. During birth, in our consciousness, we have the opportunity to travel with our child through the stages of formation into being. In doing so, we are birthed into a new aspect or octave of our own being.

The opening of the seventh gate initiates the birthing process. Physically, this is the first rush (or Braxton Hicks rushes). Soulfully, this is a time when a woman's womb connection with the Galactic center is expanding. The physical alignment is synchronistic with her soul's alignment with source. She becomes the torroidal vortex that unites heaven and earth.

The time between the opening of the seventh gate and active labour is an opportunity for deep inner communion and exploration. It is a time to surrender to the natural timing of your child's emergence and more deeply explore the inner doorways that are opening. Later, these experiences can be harvested into wisdom and expression as gifts from your soul. It may take months, even years to decipher and articulate the gems offered in this time.

The movement through the sixth gate brings deep stillness, the calm before the storm. It is here that we remember the void, the darkness of eternity that recalibrates our orientation to Source. The void is the dimension beyond time and space, and is the deepest whisper of love we know in our soul. It is here that all is made whole again.

And from that wholeness emerges a spark, entirely unique in its geometry of light. It carries a fractal of the wholeness from which it emerged, and moves toward manifestation to complete the outer reflection of the inner perfection. When we feel the rhythm in the journey of the spark, we have crossed into the fifth gate. The spark moved by the precursor of desire, the movement of love, undulates and pulses into form.

When we fully allow the experience of the fifth gate, we surrender to the innate, natural, and unknown timing of birth. In the original impulse from source is the complete blueprint for the manifestation of this perfect being. Any interference with this organic rhythm and timing means cloaking this pure expression with our own agenda, impatience, or expectation. Trusting this intelligence, our bodies, and the process opens us to more authentically actualize our own blueprint.

The opening of the fourth gate in birth is palpable and potent. The distinct burning of the opening cervix draws us immediately into the decision of pleasure or pain. It is here we choose to dance and engage into form, or shrink and become victim. Presence, breath, tenderness, and movement all soften us into the fourth gate.

The labour process becomes more personal at this point. The physical intensity is building and there is no turning back. How will you walk through your fourth gate? Will you engage with your full power and love in the dance? Or will you resist and feed fear and try to crawl away from your own body and the direct emergence happening through you?

This is a call to bring all of you to the moment, to meet each crashing wave of rushes with your full soul, spirit, and form, and surrender to the expression of knowing emerging through you. All the emotions that are hindering this innate knowing within a woman's biology are touched in the third gate and have to be cleared out first.

This is an intuitive and innate mechanism of Knowing within the connected nervous system and soul of the mother. True birthing only happens in the immediacy and freshness of the moment, allowing orgasmic birth to take place when a woman is connected in her seat, her throne, in pleasure.

This is the way to give birth, for as you make love, so you can give birth. It can be a similar journey once the Gates are open - similar in an internal sense, not an external sense.

As the head of a child pressures the third gate, waves of pleasure, intensity, bliss can flow unhindered. This activates an internal guidance system that further connects mother and child to allow the organic movement of birth. Just as in orgasm our dancing womb and yoni undulates involuntarily, we are invited even more deeply to surrender to the waves of birth happening through us. When we do this, with out pushing or controlling we allow ourselves to dissolve in the birthing process…beyond agenda or control.

In this 'being' rather than 'doing' we fully surrender to the wisdom and pleasure of the third gate. This insures that no imprint of effort or straining are left in our yoni and in our child's first memory of emerging on earth.

This release triggers the opening of the second gate (g-spot) with gratitude and reverence. As these qualities of love surge with a rush of life-force and Shakti, we rise into our power and truly harness the energy of birth.

Our focus allows us to stay present with the climax of intensity. The fine line between harnessing and controlling becomes evident again in the second gate. We can channel the power where it is warranted, or 'push' to get through the process more quickly, out of our discomfort. In the essence of gratitude, the attitude of the second gate, there is total allowing and embracing all that has been given to us in a moment. This relaxes us into a deeper, subtler power beyond force.

In one final surrender, our yoni lips bloom the crown of our child into the world. This is where we truly let go and let God. Celebration and praise innately flow forth from our first gate, ushering our manifested child into our arms. These moments after birth, of bonding and connection not only establish the healthy magnetics to help anchor our children here on earth, they also help to soothe and heal our yoni lips. This is the importance of The Golden Hour, the deep weaving of ourselves and our child through our first gates into the web of life, through our innate magnetic welcoming love and embrace.

Text © Shekinah Zorensky - All Rights Reserved.