Divine Love is the most powerful, pleasurable, beautiful, transformative and alchemical substance in all the myriad Universes. We receive through the invoking of our Holy Desire, which comes from the depths of our heart as we ask and yearn sincerely, passionately and whole-heartedly for Divine Love.

Holy Desire is an arrow of light piercing your heart. This desire searches every single last part of you, known and unknown. Driving this arrow deep into the home of your heart, your soul, you strike a celestial musical note, igniting a flame that attracts the angels and God Herself.

Divine Love is the very substance of God. It is the greatest Blessing in Creation that we can ever receive, and the greatest love we will ever feel. All we need do to receive it is ask. Divine Love makes anew all things by helping you to see and feel everything in your soul. What could take many years to heal normally can be done in weeks if you go directly to the cause, holding God’s Hand and receiving Her Love. Without Divine Love you can spend years mentally dealing with the psychological effects, piece by piece, and still not be fully, radiantly healed.

We feel Divine Love first through gentle, kind and loving feelings, independent of any person. As we heal through our sacred tears, we feel deep peace, joy, gratitude and  celebration. We laugh and cry; waves of ecstasy flow, and great humility washes over the soul. Once you walk through this Divine Door— once Divine Love is truly tasted— you will always want more, as it is the greatest love one can ever know. 

Divine Love is infinitely vast, infinitely full, all encompassing and beyond any mortal understanding. So endless and infinite is It, that It can fill every single soul in all universes completely, and still keep going and create an infinite number of souls and an infinite number of other universes AND fill all those souls it has just created with Divine Love too.

And it can keep going, and going, and going, ad infinitum. And It has done, It is, and will ever do so. There is no scarcity, no lack in how we are loved perfectly: how we are indeed the essence of Divine Love. Ask and you shall receive.

As our experiences of Divine Love deepen, we become closer to God and begin to recognize the Divine Love within our very souls. Divine Love becomes so powerful that we are brought to our knees in immense gratitude, ecstasy and bliss. Our bodies shake and tremble, sweat pours off us, and we are transported. Rumi, Christ, Magdalene: all experienced this Resurrection. Divine Love transformed their human souls forever.

Divine Love alchemizes and dissolves the soul you think is “you.”  The human soul heals and awakens to wholeness in Divine Love, to then birth a new soul, a new you: The Divine Human.

Holy Prayer

My Beloved Father Mother God, Creator of my soul, Creator of all souls. We are All Your Children under Your tender care; we are the greatest of Your creations, the most wonderful of all Your Handiwork. I feel that Your Will is that I Become One with You, and never harm myself or any other being.

Beloved Father Mother God, please send me Your Divine Love. Please send me Your Holy Spirit. I love You with all my heart, all my strength, and all my might. Thank You for Your Love, and for everything in my life. Amen.

—Adapted from The Divine Love Prayer by Christ Yeshua, received by J. Padgett.


Divine Love is accessed through our feelings and healing our emotions.  Feelings are the very substance of our soul. They are the cause of our pleasures and pains.

Most thoughts we have are an effect of unexpressed, unresolved and unfelt feelings that lie just under the surface. Thoughts are created as a by product of this, and usually as a denial of this. Thoughts do not control you – it is the unresolved and unexplored emotions that do. 

When a soul has a deep emotional release and healing, sobbing sweetly devastating tears from the depths of the heart, the mind becomes still, silent and clear, and thought patterns automatically dissolve. The mind is no longer able to think, and destructive thought patterns once focused around the denial and resistance of these feelings now has the quietude to dissolve. The mind is no longer in control when we are in a loving, feeling state.

Feelings are waves that marry Light into the body. In the process of manifestation, feeling allows pure Light to be experienced and to embody in this dimension. Without feeling, thoughts/intentions cannot manifest; they are simply a hardened, electrified outer coating. The soul made of feeling is the master, the mind that expresses this is the true servant.

The peace that lies beyond all understanding comes from deeply integrated feelings, not a thought. The mind cannot understand feelings, for as soon as you think about a feeling, it becomes a thought. Only through purely experiencing all our feelings nakedly as they are without analysis can we enter the depth of the heart and the substance of the soul.

When we let go of the mind and drop down into our hearts, where feeling lives, we can become one with a person, object, circumstance or living being. When we dissolve into a shared feeling with another, we become one with them instantly. When two people dissolve into a shared feeling at the same time, they lose themselves completely, becoming nothing except the feeling. With feelings, the key that opens the door is vulnerability, expression, breath and willingness.

We unite through feeling. Dissolving into this oneness is true relationship. We all desire to give and receive love with the whole web of life, and it is through the gateway of feeling that we enter the world that God has desired for us.

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