“To understand the vagina properly is to realize that it is not only coextensive with the female brain, but is also, essentially, part of the female soul. Female sexual pleasure serves as a medium of female self-knowledge, female creativity and courage; female focus and initiative; female bliss and transcendence; and as medium of a sensibility that feels very much like freedom.’’ Naomi Wolff

The labia, the Lips of Love, form the entrance to the Yoni. They are guardians not just of the body and sexuality, but also of your soul. They are the flowering sentinels who serve your sacred well and life force, and whose message is I honour myself. They hold these soul qualities:

Welcoming, Safety, Trust, Honour, Praise, Appreciation, Connection to the Web of Life, Warmth, Wholesomeness.

The sacred gate of the Yoni flowers with praise and appreciation. Once a woman honors and appreciates herself, she can receive that energy through the Yoni from another. When you are truly recognized and seen, you will feel welcomed by life. Then your Yoni will become a welcoming portal to any energy you deem worthy of entrance.  Respecting this sacred gate with true self love heals you of many life experiences relating to sexuality, your father, or past lovers.

Vulnerability and humility open the doorway to love and intimacy. Without vulnerability and humility, as well as appreciation and devotion, the Yoni can never open, and the Grail womb cannot be entered. Remember, intimacy is a mutual exchange—in giving these qualities, we receive them.

The Entrance to the Yoni helps open us into deeper trust. Trust yourself, and what you are letting into you, or choosing to keep out. The wounds women carry here, both personal and collective, revolve around trust. For men to come fully into the Yoni they must approach her with appreciation, purity of heart and intent, completely honouring this sacred portal into the feminine. They must also feel welcomed in order to enter the Yoni this way.

For a woman to surrender into this space of trust she must respect her man and feel held, safe and supported with him. She must trust both his strength and gentleness, as well as his ability to penetrate her with Love. Of course, she will not surrender or open the Sacred Yoni gate if she does not feel respect and appreciation from the man she is with.

Sadly, the nature of relationship today has led to a forgetting of this. Confused in the collective unconscious fog left by the abuse perpetrated for centuries, women and young girls have forgotten how sacred this portal really is.  Most women hold a great unconscious sadness at the loss of their connection to the power of True Feminine surrender, which is accessed through the lips of love in a relationship of trust.

Magnetic safety occurs in the body when we magnetically and emotionally— not just intellectually or wishfully— believe that we are truly safe, welcomed, honoured and appreciated by our partners. Our womb and bodies know this, yet our minds will often deceive us. 

If a man sexually enters a woman without respect, without loving connection— shoving the penis in for his own pleasure and self-gratification— sex can be identified with violence, ownership, conquering, animal aggression, or plain lust. Every time this has happened to you, it is recorded on the delicate fabric of your Yoni lips, and as a rememberance within your soul.

By allowing these actions, women lose their sense of beauty and sanctity, their sense of being cherished. Gradually their feminine awareness, intuition, sensitivity and magnetic-feeling self diminishes. Their feminine power, based on the body, sexuality, emotions and God, begins to slip and fade away. Their sense of inner safety, trust, and vulnerability recedes as numbness sets in. The lips become desensitized to true intimacy, and many women have little feeling beyond this Gate.

In the New Paradigm that conscious men and women are co-creating, the Yoni gate must become fully honored and vibrantly alive. A woman in her true power is the Goddess incarnate—fully healed of sexual wounds and repression. Her Beloved is likewise fully empowered and healed.

Actually, the word Yoni means more than simply the body parts called labia and vulva; Yoni in the original Sandskrit means the divine passage for body and soul, the holder, the matrix of generation, the origin or primal source of all creation, the birthplace of the universe! In Vedic astrology, each child is considered to be born from a yoni of stars  – the constellations that prevailed during the child’s birth.

The Yoni is a temple gate, where the pure essence of a woman can be connected with. It is the opening into the holy womb, the birth space for all life. The Yoni is a great teacher, for a woman learns true self-love, sovereignty and self-respect by only welcoming into her Yoni that which is loving, trustworthy and honouring of her essence.   The Yoni is the sacred doorway into a woman’s holiest of places.

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