In the past, becoming a mother was seen as an obstacle to becoming a Divine Human. Parents simply did not have the time and energy needed to meditate for hours every day, as was the norm for the path of enlightenment in many traditions in the past. This reflected a profound separation between human life and the Divine. However, motherhood offers the opportunity to merge both, as this capacity is built into our physiology and soul as a direct means for our soul embodiment here on Earth.

Innate within motherhood is the sustaining nurturance and stillness that we need in order to live in our multidimensional self. There becomes less separation between meditation/prayer and life, because all life becomes an authentic opportunity for being love. Being love is the ultimate catalyst for soul growth. In every experience that arrives at a mother’s doorstep, she is offered an opportunity to choose love, whether it may be self-love or giving and receiving love with another.

Many cultures believe a woman is not a full woman until she has biologically and soulfully bloomed through the portal of birth into motherhood. The permanent changes in a woman’s body and brain in this process stimulate the magnetic circuitry of her feminine self. This brings her into an innate receptivity and capacity for giving— directly from her body and soul to those she loves. Selfishness dies, and vast amounts of patience are born in this extension of Love called motherhood.

From this loving heart-womb space we have the capacity to make whole, to nurture, tend to, and love others. To live in “mother essence” means that we align with and navigate from our womb/heart. When we don’t, it is a sure sign that an emotion is arising to be felt and released. 

The foundation of love with family is fertile ground to unlock some of the deeper recesses of the feminine soul. We must be connected intimately to our partners, ourselves and to God, and have a continual flow of giving and receiving love to sustain us.

“MA” is the most commonly used word in all languages. When we step into Motherhood, we activate the energy of “MA.”  We step into a deep, vast river flowing with the ancient lineage of Mothers. We become One from whom sustenance flows. This flow of life force is a flow of love.  It physically moves through us in the process of birthing, and then as milk from our breasts. This life force energetically moves through us as love. In this great flow, we become part of the fractal web of life.

Mother opens us deeply to the tenderness of all life, the precious vulnerability in ourselves and in others. Mother also awakens us to a fierce protective instinct. Mother embraces everything that life brings in one moment— and in the next moment, she lets it all go. Mother is the continual process of birthing something from our most intimate place within, and releasing it out into the world in love.

Motherhood is an initiation into a deeper aspect of the feminine soul. It is a Call to be birthed into the next octave of our being. It asks that we listen with our purest intuition to the flow unfolding through us and around us. This flow is continually birthing the next step of our evolutionary expression, of our souls, our relationships, our projects, our prayers. Motherhood fortifies our trust in God. It is here that we receive guidance for everyone’s best interests, and it is here that we receive our soul’s next unfolding.

Mother is an invitation to deepen into one of the purest and wisest expressions of the feminine. Mother is the marriage of intuition, wisdom, awareness, and love with action and manifestation, here and now. The journey of being a mother is not about leaving all things human behind in our search for God. The journey is about surrendering to the experience of being human, and finding God through this.

This awakens a true compassion. This compassion is fuel to enact our earthly purpose, what moves us to bring heaven to earth. This is Shekinah, the feminine principle of God-in-action working through us on earth, fully embodied.

Copyright Shekinah Zorensky and Padma Aon. Excerpt from 'The Souls Guide to Birthing' Book, available July 2016.  

Text © Shekinah Zorensky and Padma Aon Prakasha - All Rights Reserved.