‘’Suffering on Earth will cease with the birth of a new species.’’

Many Masters have said that in order for humanity to evolve into its next phase of evolution, a new species will have to be born on Earth, a species which would be as different from humanity today as we are to the evolutions that have preceded us. This means becoming biologically different, genetically different, and discontinuous with the structures of present day humanity.

In this separating to become whole, part of the process of true alchemy, we actually redeem our bloodlines, liberating our whole ancestry to the extent they are able to let go. Our DNA changes, which affects all our ancestors, stretching all the way back to our first ancestor.

This next step in the evolution of humanity is already here on Earth, awaiting further nurturing to bloom into fullness. These New Children of Light are a transitory species, a bridge between the old homo sapiens and the new homo luminus, or light being. They are building this bridge one body, one soul at a time, and they are flocking in droves to earth to achieve this.

The New Children are paving the Way for the new species of homo luminus to incarnate, and to provide this new species with the best possible chance of growth. Homo luminus purpose is to create a new civilization and an uncorrupted vessel for the latent energies within the DNA to fully bloom so humanity can become like gods (part of God) on earth, which is our natural design.

These new children carry within them the seeds for a new humanity.  When watered with our love, and protected in the safe container of their parent's home and field, they will bear fruit, and realign humanity’s path to the next higher expression of possibility. They carry a light that we can raise ourselves to in its purity, instead of trying to dumb them down to our experience and society. In this surrender to what they bring, we will arrive at our next evolutionary possibility.  

These new families create a tunnel through the old paradigm of human suffering and out to the other side into a new birth for humankind. This will happen beyond our lifetime, yet our choice to birth in our true soul’s design is laying the foundation for this greater evolution to occur. 

These new children have much to share with us if we are willing to listen and open ourselves up beyond our normal means of communication. They will take us on journeys beyond the edge of our universe and show us a greater plan. 

‘’One morning I was resting in bed nursing my son. He began to speak to me, as he often does, in images, and he took me on a journey, beyond the earth to a distant star.  From here I could see earth and the whole of humanity. Within the larger pattern, I could see subtle waves forming, waves of love and harmony, just the beginnings. I understood that there were a few souls, who had incarnated on earth at this time, whose purpose it was to help bring harmony back to humanity, and these soft waves were the momentum of their actions manifesting. My son indicated that these souls were laying the foundation for the work that the New Children would further, that of paving the way for the next species of human being to emerge.’’ 

Sri Aurobindo, an enlightened sage, visionary and founder of Auroville Community in India, foresaw this new species as part of what he calls ‘’The Descent of the Supermind’’ in the 1950’s. As he shares, ‘’The true process of evolution is to add a new principle, degree or stage to the already existing order. These gradations serve the purpose of the transition …without leaving a gap so wide as to disturb the evolutionary order of the universe.

For the manifestation of a divine body here on earth there must be an initial transformation, the appearance of a new, greater and more developed type, not just a continuance with little modifications of the present physical form and its limited possibilities.’’

What we can do is provide the conditions and environments, inner and outer, to facilitate this for these children. This new species can only bloom and anchor on earth by a spiritual change in our being, as they bring fundamental and radical change in our evolution akin to a revolution in our very nature. 

To live into the opportunity gifted to us by these New Children, which is the opportunity to move into the next evolution of the human species, creating a new humanity, Version 2.0, in flesh and spirit, we have to enter the state of being and consciousness they are already in. They help us, we help them, and the soul covenant is complete for all three souls.

Evolution on earth has been a long and slow process, but this does not have to be so. It has only been long and slow because it has been an emergence from subconscious beginnings, struggling against inertia and resistance to move out of ignorance, fear and emotional wounding. With these New Children, this is not the case, as they do not have the same burdens we have had.

An excerpt from ‘The Souls Guide to Birthing,’’ by Padma Aon and Shekinah Zorensky.



Text © Padma Aon Prakasha and Shekinah Zorensky - All Rights Reserved.