Black Light is the light of the universal womb, before light visible, before colour, before matter as you know it. This Black Light is the body of The Mother, what She is clothed in. The universe is pervaded by this tender, loving, presence, holding you, unfolding all that you are, containing all that you are in the Womb.

Before there was light, and an idea of darkness, lies Black Light, the sweet silence of the Beloved calling you home. It is sweet emptiness, the heart surrendered. It feels like your heart is gently, but perpetually breaking wide open, with no object for its breaking. It is crystal clarity, pure, deeply touching, and feminine in vastness. There is no object for its love and compassion, for there is nothing there, no reference point, no concept or form, nothing to hold onto, no memory, no past, no future.

It is the deepest intimacy one can ever know. It embraces you, not you it. It touches you in places nothing else can, and nobody else ever will. It makes you cry for it is the deepest remembrance of Love a human can ever have. It is the Beloved that has no face, no form, and no substance. It contains itself completely within itself, pure before it becomes form.

Black Light is the dark night of reason. It dissolves reason into itself. Your scientists say that 94 % of this universe is dark light, a light reachable only beyond the senses and the measurements beyond the senses. Within this 94% lies what you call subspace. This subspace is actually a liquid space that is accessed through the light body, and is felt as a visceral fluid motion, similar to the Cerebral Spinal Fluid felt in the very centre of the spine that bathes the brain.

All obstructions in this pathway must first be dissolved to allow the flow of light all the way from the base to the brain. Additionally for women, the womb must also be healed, for the great sufferings of humanity lie within the womb of all women.

Within the womb lies the power of the sun RA, and within the centers of all suns themselves lies the Seed of the Black Light. Suns are grown from the Black Light, and when they explode into supernovas they return into Black Light. The Black Light is the beginning, and end, of creation. When you are born, you come from Black Light in your mother’s womb. When you die, you go through the Black Light as the soul makes its journey back to the creator.


The Black Light is the power to create from the space where all things are held in potential before they manifest. Black Light is the greatest alchemy, and the most powerful magic of love, the potential that all women hold within the womb. It transforms by holding, and bringing, everything that you are back into its pure, undifferentiated, unformed state; original innocence. In this state, all wounds can dissolve, and all things are made possible. All things are made new.

When any of you create anything of great impact, or huge significance that truly taps into universal forces and power, then you to have to enter the Black Light to birth this. If you do not enter the Black Light, then the creation you are birthing does not have full impact; it may be useful for some people, it may even generate awareness amongst the masses, but it will not change anything fundamental in consciousness. This is a marker, and a test for you to remember.

The Black Light, as epitomized in the form of the Black Madonna, is the state from where all realities arise from. Christ, Buddha, and other Great Ones, have all had to enter this Black Light to bring forth their transformative actions onto the earth plane, to ground these actions onto the earth plane.

For the quality of the Black Light is the power to birth realities, and create through magic, wonder and Grace. Every birth, the first and most momentous journey, begins in darkness. Just because humanity has forgotten about it for the last cycle, does not mean that it is not here. It is the height of all alchemy, the heart of transfiguration.

You do not lack Christ; what is lacking is the Sophia of Christ, the wisdom - experience of Christ. One of the Keys to the Sophia of Christ is the Sacrament of Sacred Marriage, Keys shared with Priestesses, of which Mary Magdalene is the most well known. Yet there are others who were taught and practiced the same Keys who are living today, and starting to share this wisdom once again. Sacred Marriage, as happened between Isis and Osiris, Yeshua and Mary, can lead to the direct immersion into the Black Light when both partners are initiated, and clear vessels.

When both partners immerse into the velvety fullness that is empty of experience created by polarity, then the original substance, Black Light, reveals itself, and Sacred Marriage occurs. It is in this state of Being that you both recognize God fully, in every cell, in every fibre of your body, mind and soul. It is here that you Remember and join with those Ones, like Yeshua and Mary, who have merged together in the Black Light before, and are still there in that space waiting for you to taste what they are living.

In Egypt these initiations were given to those who had completed the first part of the Great Pyramid or masculine initiations, and were ready for the next step in the Isis Pyramid, portal to the womb of the world. The third step occurs just outside the pyramid complex. In Tibet, these initiations through various dakinis or female Buddhas, such as Ekajati, are learned by those Bodhisattvas who have conquered the fear of death.


A simple way for you to begin to open to Black Light is to spend more time in darkness. Sit in a darkened room in silence, or spend a day and night alone in darkness. Become used to its presence as a living, palpable flow. In this darkness make it a practice to embrace the parts of your mind that arise in fear, restlessness or judgment. Allow the heart to open and feel from this space in a new way. See from this space alone. Make Black Light your friend. This is a powerful, fast way to enter into a portal to Black Light, and to know yourself better.

Making Black Light your friend is going back to the beginning of creation. In the beginning there was only darkness everywhere; darkness, the living waters, and the flow of these living waters when the Creator moved Light across them. This beginning of creation still lies in all of you today, existing in your bodies in darkness and flow.

Black Light is the creative darkness from which all life emerges. We die into darkness so birth and resurrection, regeneration, can happen. In accessing this darkness, and working within its silence, we guide life from emptiness into form. In the darkness there is so much love that nothing gets in the way of it, nothing reflects it, or refracts it.

It is pure, because nothing is there to block it, not even you. Not even you are there to limit it. Within darkness there is no duality, nothing to reflect light. Black Light is here to birth the infinite possibilities of this space into form, so that God may know itself, and that you may know yourself as part of God.

Many people today are enamoured with light, and forget about the darkness, the space from where all light comes, and indeed the place where you are born and nurtured during the first nine months of your life; in the womb. What you give form to in daylight is only 1% of what is seen in darkness. If you can access both of these realities, then you can be reborn, IF you can enter into the process with courage, and embrace all the visions and fears that arise.

John the Beloved demonstrated his union with the Black Light through his surrender to the Holy Spirit. For to enter the Black Light is to be in total surrender. As John felt and intuited the time of his upcoming death, he ordered his disciples to dig a deep hole on top of a hill overlooking Patmos harbour, the idyllic Greek island he was marooned on. Mystified, they did so, and John asked them to accompany him as he lowered himself into the hole, where upon he informed them that this was his last night on Earth, and they were to watch over him until the morning!

Astonished by his request they stayed up late into the night, listening to their teachers last words to them. However, one by one they feel asleep in the early hours of the morning, to wake up at daybreak astonished. John’s body was gone, snatched from the embrace of the earth itself. All that was left was an empty, black hole …


For many of you darkness brings up images of the unknown, what you fear, what you have not yet embraced, what you sweep under the carpet and try to forget about. These locked doors of your psyche that you fear to step into actually hold the greatest potential for healing, growth and empowerment, for when you fully enter and embrace the darkness, boundaries and limitations expand, dissolving anxieties and fears. Darkness holds a great deal of power, and empowerment, for you.

The complete immersion into the deepest darkness, that of the womb of the earth and the embrace of matter itself, is perhaps one of the most powerful means to instantly access a portal into the Black Light, and in the process heal birth traumas, sexual abuse, and deep wounds. All of this is healed through visionary experience, visitation, and richly mythological occurrences whilst buried in earths embrace, WITHOUT need for modern day methods.

Children hearken back to this by burying each other in the sand. Doing this, burying all of you, is the first step towards submerging fully into the darkness, and entering a much more expanded, healing, magical and numinous world, where you can speak to spirits past and present, communicate and heal with your ancestors, and enter into multiple realities simultaneously.

When many of you are in darkness together, you all become closer. Many things are revealed about you in the silence, emptiness, and darkness of the Black Light, especially when others are present. All your conditionings and modes of behaviour melt and dissolve in darkness, which is when a whole new world of deeper relationship, peace, and wordless feelings communicate your hidden nature.

Sexual impulses and differentiation can become androgynous and unified as you reconcile your differences back into the night of creation. Here it could be said that light divides, and darkness unites. When whole groups connect and communicate in this way, a family develops. As Christ said, “ when more than two are gathered in my name, so there shall I Be.” If more than two gather in darkness, and silence, with the same intention, and commune with each other, a deeper understanding forms, as seen in the rituals of the indigenous peoples of Earth.

This communion is also seen in moments of disaster and huge suffering. For example in times of natural disaster, disparate peoples worldwide band together in order to help the other, sharing and helping with everything they have. This is because they have gone through the darkness, and darkness unifies.

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