The ovaries are biological light generators, giving us vitality, joyful exuberance, a soft yet strong, clear, female essence and life force energy. 40% of our energy is held here. The ovaries are the essence of femininity.

The awake and alive ovaries feel like deep, warming red wine. They hold the energy of the heart in manifestation when the circuit is clear. They serve to embody and transmit the pure female principle of creation here in the body, here on earth. They allow the heart to fully bring its love and giving into manifestation through the body and DNA. 

The ovaries complete the embodiment of the yoni principle in a woman. They revitalize, rejuvenate, and create the actual light body of the yoni and womb. When the ovaries are active on all seven levels, then the embodied light of the female principle will fully embody the Divine Feminine on earth.

The ovaries generate the light force for the Queen to embody fully into her biology and genetics here on earth, allowing the feminine magnetics to rest, relax, and come into harmony, both within oneself and in those surrounding her.

By this time, there will be many men surrounding her or wishing to surround her, for they are drawn to the essential, magnetic presence of the embodied feminine on earth. This relaxes their electric nature and allows them to drop into their inner pillar more, if they allow it, and be more of who they are. 

The true ovary energy is one of vitality and embodied radiance. They hold the energy to attract people and resources into your life, by magnetizing what you desire to you. You become potent, alive, and your inner light shines forth from your body itself.

The true ovary energy is a spark, a transmission of your life force, to actualize in the world. The Ovaries transmit your soul mission ignited. It brings forth purpose, passion, and actualization. From here, we create new life, both with a baby and with other projects we wish to fulfill.

Our embodied soul purpose is carried forth through the true ovary energy, and is birthed into the world. They are transmitters of our true potency as a woman, transmitters of ourselves. They help to birth and embody US into the world.

In the true ovary energy, we feel assured, strong yet soft and relaxed in our female identity. We feel proud of our yoni.

We truly appreciate and can freely praise, without ego, the beauty, strength, magnificence and love we have for our yoni, womb and feminine self. We can share this with intimate others without shame or trepidation.

The ovary energy is embodying and relaxing, allowing us to be natural, let down and let go into our pure, essence of womanhood. As the ovary energy is a biological light generator that fuels the heart and womb, it rejuvenates the cells with life force. The true ovary energy is pro life, all inclusive, and all that blocks it is anti life.

When the ovary energy is refined through emotional connection, release and vulnerability (not just chi orientated processes) it becomes a softness and a strength simultaneously. It becomes a fuel for light and innocence, a playfully innocent drive for soul growth. The stronger you become, the gentler you can be.

As a woman heals her ovaries and heart circuit, physical adjustments may happen in the pelvis and sacral area. Pains and aches may arise that no other form of bodywork can address fully. These pains are the false body-spirit attitude relaxing and releasing themselves, and asking for your attention to be placed into your sexual gates to accelerate the healing process.

In the ovary energy, we enjoy connecting more deeply and truthfully with friends, and soul sisters. A sense of true sisterhood helps this energy to bloom and root on earth, in the body, in the webs of interconnection and relationship that define us all.

The ovaries hold a fear of death as well as being generators of light and life. This is their essential polarity. As they are two in nature, the infinity loop between them allows both aspects to freely share with each other, like making love and exchanging your energies. When the ovaries are connected to its circuit, their energy becomes a fuel for vitality, joy, life force and a clear and pure female essence to be exuded.

Much more Wisdom and practical means to heal, regenerate and open the Ovaries are found on the 7 Gates: Journey into Womb Consciousness Course. 

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