As long as we inhabit our earthly bodies we are intimately connected to the body of Gaia, our Earthly home. Gaia is a being, with a soul, that consciously chose to embody as Earth to house and support our human experience. This is part of her covenant of love with us, and with God.

Connecting our Seven Gates of The Womb inside our bodies, souls and life force into the Seven Gates of Gaia opens us to the template of wholeness within our Divine Human Design. When we expand into this template, we feel this connection as an embodiment of wholeness and interconnection.

Just as Gaia holds this Divine imprint for each of us, so do we hold it for her. Our Gates, when open, become keys for our own and her awakening, expansion and fulfillment. As we embody and engage more through our Gates, with her, her field awakens and expands. This allows the vital, living exchange that co-creates harmony on Earth.

We belong to the web of life, in the very fabric of our beings. Ways that we have denied this, with our parents, families, partners, God, and Gaia will show up as disconnections in our First Gate of the yoni. Our First Gate is a portal into the web of creation, and our interconnectedness with it. It is how we connect to the Web of Life, magnetically, through feeling, through our bodies. The strands of this Web are built, fortified, and maintained by the love we give and receive within all our relationships. 

When our First Gate is open, we are engaged in a free flow of love through all these relationships. This sets a foundational sense of wholeness in our being, and enables us to truly actualize our soul.

Gaia deeply loves us. Connecting to Gaia's Gates is a way we open that channel, with her, to more deeply give and receive love. When we live in disconnect from Gaia and this source of sustaining love, we cut ourselves off from a layer of magnetic sustenance, for our bodies and souls.

As we connect and ground into Gaia, we open up to receive from her, and we can become fully embodied. Sexual healing helps repair the split between masculine/feminine energies in each individual.


Holy Wells and Sacred Springs created purposefully by Gaia are natural interfaces to the earth's magnetic field. Wells are portals into the consciousness of Gaia and entrances into the various realms, layers and inhabitants of earth.

Wells are Oracles of The Goddess, of Gaia, and of Feminine beings, some of whom come from earth, some of whom have come TO Earth. Wells reveal the conducting abilities of water and minerals, providing an interface to the Devic realms and their consciousness, aid and intelligence.

Wells are the Yoni's of Gaia, portals to the womb of Gaia. Wells mark the 7 Gates of Gaia, just as each woman has 7 Gates in their own body. These 7 Wells are found in many geographic locations around the world, such as England, France and the Mayan Cenote system in the Yucatan.

Each Well is a portal into all the Wells, for they are an interconnected Web of Life, Water and Magnetic Consciousness, a holographic Web of the Mother. Each of the 7 Earth Wells are twinned with a Celestial Stargate. They were created together, and are intimately intertwined.

Well and Stargate are One Consciousness. They provide essential polarities for each other, for Gaia, and for humanity, to align themselves into magnetic consciousness, flow and feminine wisdom, nurturance, support, travel and healing. In visiting an Earth Well we can connect to the Celestial Stargate and the vastness of ourselves and the cosmos. We are not just physical bodies and minds!

Well and Stargate are vortexes, and contain a centre point. Where the reflection is, is where the well meets the surface. Where the waters emerges from the earth, a vortex is created with the stargate emanation.

Each Well has a female Guardian to protect the well, to give guidance as an Oracle to those who come to her, and to help us reconnect to Gaia's magnetic consciousness through our own magnetic, feminine selves. We may meet forgotten aspects of ourselves in these wells that may have been fragmented, lost or wounded.

Great wisdom, Sophia, and openings to your essential magnetic self can reveal in these Wells. They can also stimulate and show us where we have neglected or over worked our electric, masculine self.

The ancient Wells were naturally formed, not man made. Man made wells usually do not have the same magnetic qualities and interfaces to Gaia as the ones Gaia Herself has made!

The 7 Gates mark stages of our journey into embodying the soul through opening fully to our magnetic self. The 7 Wells of Gaia connect us to the magnetic web of life of which Gaia is a nexus point for this universe, and the hub for our own bodies, spirits and souls. Returning to our innate connection through water, allows us to conduct all parts of ourselves, especially our emotions and feelings, which are how our soul feels, operates and communicates on a causal level with others and with Creator.

The magnetic fields of Gaia have been tampered with, abused and over ridden in favour of the electric fields. Many spirits are stuck in these fields and their reoccurring patterns and limited possibilities. Connecting to the 7 Wells of Gaia and the pure magnetic field that is still here, under the surface, enables us to embody our souls and access the Pure Feminine.

Many humans are trapped in the disconnected electromagnetic atmosphere or fields around the earth in the Van Allen radiation belts. Cell phones, wifi, satellites, GPS, all operate in this field around the earth, magnifying this electromagnetic field. Over reliance on electronics for more than a few hours a day encloses your Electro Magnetic body into these fields, limiting you from connecting into earth's magnetosphere and incoming solar leyline emanations and axiatonal alignments.

Being disconnected from the Wells of Gaia and our own Gates has contributed to humanity's continued repression, limitation, and self recurring destructive programming. Staying in these fields keep us in a small loop of possibility and potential. Staying here has removed us from our felt sense of where we have come from, our primordial origins, and our celestial connections. 

Holy Wells have always been used as communication portals between human, Devic, and Celestial. Their magnetic lines of feeling light create perfect  toroidal vortices that when activated create a Sacred Hoop. This Hoop connects the well to Gaia and then to specific stars and back again, through you.

Certain wells connect to certain star gates, planets and the sun, some connect to the core of the earth through channels of water becoming lines of magnetic force. When the water flow itself ceases in the mantle of the earth, the magnetic lines of the waters have continued down into the core of Gaia. There is one main Well that connects to the core of the earth in each continent, but through the holographic network you can connect to the core through any of the seven principal Wells.

When activating a Well, sprinkle salt around it. Pass some salt through a candle flame, it helps to ionize/ trigger a response in the air atmosphere around the Well. This will help make the connections, grounding and anchoring of the ceremony more potent and available to the Devas and the Earth's field. This will generally take about 2 days afterwards to be absorbed into the earth's fields.

The 7 Gates and 7 Wells are Keys to birth, sexuality, creation and male-female (electromagnetic) union. This union is the basis for an awakened civilization on earth. 

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