Your pelvic bowl, which holds your womb and magnetic foundation in place, is the physical container for your Seven Gates and Womb. Emotional blocks, past history, sexual armouring, numbness and feeling in a woman’s womb and pelvic bowl determines whether or not she is in her body emotionally and soulfully. This determines sexual pleasure, which increases with loving emotion permeating the womb bowl.

When a woman releases the emotions and physical effects of these emotions stored in her womb-pelvic region and finds her magnetic ground again, she becomes powerful, open, anchored and in her centre, leading to more feeling, sensation and joy. An open, connected pelvic bowl in harmony with the womb makes a vibrant woman. The pelvic bowl is the ROOT PLACE in the female body, the grounding of your womb and core. When her bowl is sound, she is in command of her energy and can direct it where she desires.

Close your eyes and visualise your pelvic bowl. Place your fingertips on your pubic bone beneath your womb. Move your awareness here. Breathe deeply into here 5 times.

Feel the pubic bone connect to the triangular sacrum bone through the hammock of the perineum. Place one of your palms over your sacrum. Allow your pelvic bowl to settle into this support. Breathe deeply 5 times and feel here. Allow whatever physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, pictures, memories to arise.  

Feel how the inner curve of your pelvis forms a supportive bowl under your womb, your centre. Rest here and breathe into, and all around, your bowl. Allow physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, pictures or memories to arise.

Sense the spaciousness within your bowl. Sense the energetic shape of what is inside your pelvic bowl. Your Womb! Start visualizing this, as you would hold a bowl in your hands. Breathe into this creative well in your core, which has a concentrated energy in the centre. Drop into this concentrated, dark, inviting centre of your gravity.

Sense, on either side of your womb, the radiance, light, warmth and power of your ovaries shining forth. Breathe a color ray of red, then black, then white deeply into them.  

Focus on the diamond base of your pelvis. It is outlined by the following four points: the tip of your tailbone, pubic bone and the two sits bones on either side of the diamond. Nestled within the centre of this diamond lies the opening of your yoni.

How does your yoni feel? What are you presently releasing or bringing in? Is there tension? Whatever comes up, acknowledge and release.

Picture the base and front of your bowl, your yoni lips. Towards the front of your body is your clitoris. Feel your clitoris.

Picture the back of your bowl. Toward the back of your root, below your yoni opening, lies your anus.  Between these two openings is your perineum.  Touch it. It immediately grounds you and connects your root to earth’s energy. Is that dynamic point holding tension and grounding your root?

Locate your pubic bone and coccyx at the front and back of your pelvic ring. Visualize the hammock of muscles connecting this entire ring at the base of your pelvis. 

This is your pelvic floor, supporting your magnetic centre and magnetic foundation, your core, your sexual openness, sensation, feelings and pleasure. Your womb, yoni and anal openings all pass through your pelvic floor. 

Breathe deeply into it. What pictures, feelings come to the fore?

Find the top of your pubic bone in the front of your pelvis. Imagine a place just behind it that can be felt through your yoni. This is your G-spot. Breathe deeply into it a few times. Thank You Beloved Mother God for my pelvic bowl. Thank you Beloved Mother God for my life. Thank You Beloved Mother God for my partner, for my family, for my parents.

Take some deep breaths into your whole pelvic bowl. Visualize it filled with soft pink, orange and gold. Beloved Mother God, please send me your Divine Love.

Imagine the golden warmth of sunlight touching, healing, energizing and filling your centre.

Text © Padma Aon Prakasha and Shekinah Zorensky - All Rights Reserved.