The Power of Shakti

Padma Aon Prakasha is a rare find. He has the unique ability to transport your body, mind and soul to the next octave of consciousness with his words of wisdom, heartfelt questions, and vast love for everyone he meets. Padma’s ability to tap into the heart of the ancient mysteries and to articulate their modern day message to we humans is amazing. His latest work, The Power of Shakti, is revolutionary and is bound to open the gates that have kept us from our true power as both men and women. Reading this material or attending his seminars and retreats will rock your world and monumental change is always imminent once being in his presence.

—Linda Star Wolf,
Founding Director of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, Co Author of Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Shamanic Shakti, and The Anubis Oracle Deck.

Power of Shakti is a book of hope and healing. It gives us the keys to heal the old wound resulting from the repression of the feminine power of the world. The emasculation of women which I call ‘the anti-ecstatic conspiracy’. The Power of Shakti offers a splendid way to liberate oneself on a personal as well as planetary level from the shackles of the anti ecstatic conspiracy. I recommend this book as a ‘must read’…

—Margot Anand,
Author : The Art of EveryDay Ecstasy

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Shakti is the Feminine Life Force that ceaselessly manifests, creates, and activates. Igniting this living power within you is key to achieve union, harmony, and peace. Shakti + your emotions brings you deeper into your soul. From the True Feminine Centre of the Womb, the soul can then become embodied.

Shakti is the animating power in all things, the magical power of transformation in every cell within you. Shakti is the loving power of the Divine Mother in Action, the Feminine Face of God in creation.

Shakti weaves the web of life together in one flow. Shakti is what makes us feel alive. It is blissful, orgasmic, loving and potent. Shakti ignites all the fires in our body and being, devouring all that resists full passion and aliveness. Shakti enflames our holy desire to allow the divine to gush through every part of us.

Shakti is the Movement of Life ever morphing, ever changing, ever undulating in a fluid dance that activates, ignites and transforms. Shakti allows one to alchemise, to transform, to create anew, to get going, to birth yourself, to die to yourself.

Uniting Tantra’s found in Indian, Tibetan, and Aramaic sacred traditions, Padma Aon reveals how to activate the Power of Shakti by opening Her 18 energetic pathways. Centered on the womb, Shakti links the soul, body and emotions with our life force power. Clearing our pathways of Shakti enables us to activate our sacred sexual soulful self and live into the Web of Life that interconnects all beings.

The Power of Shakti is the Original Source Book that sparked the arising of Womb Consciousness, the Foundation of the Feminine Self, on the planet today. Within it are contained uncorrupted Transmissions from the Christ Lineage, as well as authentic Tibetan and Indian Teachings. Padma Aon is an Initiate of these traditions.

The profound emotional, soulful and mystical depths of Womb Consciousness, (as shared in the book) is fully and experientially immersed into in The 7 Gates: Journey into Womb Consciousness Course, and The Web of Life Course. These Courses are the only place to receive this Transformational Alchemy in its fullness, from the Source, with the teachers listed on the Team Page. 

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What is Shakti?

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