Goddess Yoga Forms Course

Goddess Yoga Forms Course


Facilitated by Aina Greta

The Goddess Yoga Forms are 13 Atma Asanas or Soul Motions that bring women into different Faces of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess Yoga Forms bring you into deeper Embodiment, Opening into your Essential Feminine Shakti. Through our bodies, we can embody soul and God. Through our breath, we can unite spirit and matter. Through our Shakti, we bring ecstasy into orgasmic form. 

The 13 Goddess Yoga Forms come from the Tantric Shaivite Shiva Tradition, the Aramaic Lineage of Mary Magdalene and Marie Salome, the Egyptian Lineage of Isis, and Kundalini Yoga. Over 13 weeks you will immerse into the 13 Goddess Forms, full body prayers that invite you to immerse your body, soul, shadow and Shakti into union.

Goddess Yoga brings you into your magnetic ground of the feminine essence. When grounded in your magnetic field you feel safe and sovereign to walk firm through life. You allow Shakti to guide you through the present moment.
Through breath, mudra, sound and movement you anchor a new deep body awareness that becomes an anchor, a firm expanding foundation. Through powerful breath, body–womb movement and sound, you unite the power and wisdom in the womb and the love in the heart.

Goddess Yoga is a gateway to the primal and raw force of Shakti and love that creates and brings forth. This primal force in your yoni, womb and soul allows you to encounter many ways you have repressed the unbridled flow of Shakti. Much arises to be embraced and surrendered to. 

In Goddess Yoga you can feel your Shaman, your Crown, your Priestess, your Witch, your Amazon, your deep earth connection with Gaia. 

Goddess Yoga is a deep feeling journey igniting Shakti throughout your whole body-soul being. It is a dance of Life, a dance of merging love and power, undulating in all your fibres allowing you to move through stagnant, dormant places, to free unfelt emotions, physical contractions, sexual repression and soul wounds.
Goddess Yoga allows you to open into experiencing your multi dimensional body-soul being. In this dance you encounter the void, your shadow, and the light of life you hold that connects to all life everywhere. 

Goddess Yoga is a powerful and direct waking up to the womb and her being. It opens you to experience the power she holds as your firm foundation and orientation to guide you through life, the grounding crucible and safe container to be open, vulnerable, powerful and loving in your actions and expression.

Goddess Yoga touches deeply into the autonomic nervous system where you hold deep peace and ecstasy, as well as emotional-sexual traumas and mental limiting imprints. These hinder you to feel safe and prevent you to let go in the full experience of ecstasy in love and its soul expression. 

The Goddess Yoga Forms allow you to surrender to That which is bigger than you. This Series of full body prayers invite you to surrender and allow love to move you beyond your physical limitations into the vastness of the heart. Allow ing your heart to crack open, surrendering and letting go of all protections and defenses that prevent you from giving and receiving love. 

The Goddess Yoga Forms are a complete journey into experiencing your Shakti and love deep in your body. It is a deep feeling journey allowing you to experience yourself as the multi-dimensional and grounded human woman you are.


Hara Wisdom Course

Hara Wisdom Course

Hara Wisdom Course

Facilitated by Shekinah and Fabiana

Men are in trouble today. Most of the world’s problems stem from a wounded masculinity out of touch with the feminine and with the earth. Just as the roles of women have been distorted, so have those of men. With the Renaissance of the divine feminine, the sacred masculine now has to step up to meet her. The Goddess now wants to meet her God.

Hara Wisdom is about living into and embodying your masculine essence in manifestation. When a man lives from his innate centre of gravity and felt presence, his heart and will, then the true masculine spirit can anchor and express itself passionately and authentically into the world.

The Sacred Masculine is the basis of authentic relationship with Self, with your partner, with your children, family, and with God. This is a journey exploring and feeling your emotions, your soul, your sexual energy and the Divine and uniting them in your masculine essence.

The Sacred Masculine brings together ancient Teachings of four previous Divine Masculine Embodiments on Earth: King Arthur, King Osiris, Lord Shiva and Master Christ Yeshua. These Teachings have been brought into the 21st century for modern man.

The Hara Wisdom Course is for those desiring to delve deeper, to know and retrieve their masculine soul and ignite their Sovereign King Self. Hara Wisdom empowers men to a new level of enlightenment, to enter the authentic masculine that is transcendent and grounded, pure consciousness and deeply feeling, contemplative and action orientated, intimate and whole.

Hara Wisdom is for men who feel the call to become fully human, and therefore divine.

With the resurgence of interest in all sectors of society about the sacred feminine and the Goddess, there has not yet been the concurrent wisdom arising about the Sacred Masculine. This wisdom has been forgotten, subverted and lost. Many women are asking for this wisdom to be brought back again to help them in their relationships, their sexual expression, their partnerships, as well as integrating their own inner masculine in harmony with their feminine.

The only version of masculinity most men see is not the true masculine. It is the shadow masculine, not the mature, emotionally connected man. Many men are unsure and unclear about how to move on from previous patriarchal models of masculinity, and have discarded many valuable parts of the masculine essence.

Many men are confused as to what it means to be a man in todays world, and how to be a man with their partner and children whilst being caring, tender and lovingly engaged in relationship at the same time. There is a deep Call for this wisdom to resurface again, as there are few reference points for todays modern man to feel and access their deeper masculinity.

Hara Wisdom is unique in that it gives you the necessary insights, wisdom and tools to access your own body wisdom, emotional healing and hara consciousness in a practical experiential way.

The womb container created on our Courses provides a setting, a nourishing womb, in which your healing and opening can unfold. Through the openness of each guides womb and heart she creates a place of safety, a trustworthy place where all parts of you can feel themselves again. 


The Seven Gates - Journey Into the Womb

The Seven Gates - Journey Into the Womb

The Seven Gates
Journey Into the Womb

Facilitated By Shekinah and Maya and in Spanish by Fabiana 

The Seven Gates is a timeless initiatory journey into the Womb, the centre of the feminine consciousness. The 7 Gates are a total journey into the soulful, sensual, emotionally loving being YOU are, activating the magnetic pathways inside your body that activate innate love within you. They bring your soul into flesh.

This Journey heals and merges your emotions, your soul, your sexual energy and the Divine together as One. The 7 Gates are the basis of Sacred Union and sacred relationship with Self, with your partner, with a consciously conceived Child and with God.

"This course that answered a long time yearning to grow and be met in a rarefied depth of embodied Feminine priestess training. It not only defined my year, but changed my life. Shekinah embodies a refined Divine Feminine radiance, and deep womb presence rare on the planet today. She wields a fiercely loving sword of precision, as well as has the grace of heart that can beckon the most delicate of soul fragments from the darkest far-reaching dimensional corners. The level of service she is doing with those whom she works with is breathtaking. She truly has been a Soul midwife for me, and I am forever grateful." S.C.

Find out more about this Course and Retreat - registrations now open for January 2018


The Web of Life Course

The Web of Life Course

Facilitated By Shekinah and Maya

The Web of Life 8 month Course and Retreat is the Gold Standard of Womb Consciousness Courses available on the planet today. It will create a profound shift in all facets of your life, your Shakti and your consciousness rapidly. Be ready! Life will change.

This Course is a Deep Opening into embodying the Divine Human, and dissolving the obstacles along the way.

We fully embody through the dynamic, Alive, Awake dance of the Divine and our human selves, bringing together our sexuality, our soul and Beloved God. The Web of Life comes forth from the Womb of Creation: from here we are born, from here we return, riding spiraling threads of the One. A woman’s womb-heart creates the portal and the container to Realise this in human form in conjunction with a man, whose hara-heart creates the pillar for these forces to manifest on earth.


THE SOUL'S GUIDE TO BIRTHING: 6 month Online Course and Retreat

THE SOUL'S GUIDE TO BIRTHING: 6 month Online Course and Retreat

Facilitated By Shekinah Zorensky

The Soul's Guide to Birthing course is an experiential training for doulas and midwives wanting to work from a more soul based perspective, and women and men wanting to be more empowered on their own birthing journey. This course is based on the book, "The Soul's Guide to Birthing: Handbook for a New Humanity, described as a ‘twenty-first century Birthing Bible,’ bringing together modern science and ancient wisdom.

This course for those wanting to birth consciously is a hand rail through the necessary healing and deepening in the container of sacred relating and soul embodiment into the initiation of becoming a parent. 

This course is a thorough initiation into being a 'soul midwife.' A midwife is one who walks between worlds, through the realms of birth and death. Being a soul midwife equipts one with the embodiment, skills, artistry and inner foundation to truly support and guide others through this sacred doorway of birth, and all that it entails in the fulll blueprint of parenting as a spiritual pathway.