The Seven Gates - Journey Into the Womb

The 7 Gates Journey has brought many blessings into my life and into the lives of the people I touch. Through the loving and honest support from Shekinah and Padma I have been encouraged to move into painful experiences, feelings and emotions that has been both challenging and very freeing. I have moved through layers of inner resistance, of hidden aspects of myself and into dimensions of love that I have not been aware of before. A profound and alivening process that I feel like a journey back home to our innate wisdom, our true feminine nature, our loving heart, our Soul, our beloved Gaia and our Beloved God. In heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for this journey and for my teachers guiding and leading through with compassion, grace and wisdom. Thank you for this gift of Love.


The Gates into the Womb are very real and lead us directly into the vast, expansive void to be rebirthed into our purest essential Soulful self out of the fear based, illusory matrix. Shakti is a very real, powerful, dynamic force capable of transmuting anything in its path. A very humbling, exquisite energy that has one mission, to purify all that is not truth, to bring all back to the magnanimous force of love.

It is essential to feel humble, vulnerable and surrender at every step. There is the ultimate surrender as you enter the void and this requires a deep Holy desire to embody your pure soul because all of your fears of being utterly annihilated will arise to be fully felt. The rewards and experiences of releasing old wounds and beliefs as you travel through the gates are profound and beyond your wildest imagining. Your vessel will be hollowed out to allow a free flow of divine love, truth, wisdom and power to run like a powerful river in service to all that is.


The Seven Gates is a timeless initiatory journey into the Womb, the centre of the feminine consciousness. The 7 Gates are a total journey into the soulful, sensual, emotionally loving being YOU are, activating the magnetic pathways inside your body that activate innate love within you. They bring your soul into flesh.

This Journey heals and merges your emotions, your soul, your sexual energy and the Divine together as One. The 7 Gates are the basis of Sacred Union and sacred relationship with Self, with your partner, with a consciously conceived Child and with God. 

The 7 Gates bring us into deep openness, joy, ecstasy and intimacy with self and with others. By doing this work, you will draw towards you a partner that can fully meet you in the journey of Sex, Soul and God. The Gates embody you into the here and now. 

The 7 Gates are a key pillar for the foundation of an awakened civilization on earth. An awakened civilization is founded on harmonious, soulful relationships between man, woman and the Divine, and subsequently families and children. 

The 7 Gates are the passage way for a truly conscious birth to happen. When the Gates are opened before birth, birth becomes blissful and the child is born spiritually intact and conscious. 

The 7 Gates have been taught by Mary Magdalene and the Priestesses of Isis for thousands of years. They are part of the ancient and present Grail Quest Teachings popularized by King Arthur and his Knights. The 7 Gates have been practiced by couples around the world, including Christ and Magdalene, Buddha Padmasambhava and his consorts, and many others. 

The Journey into the Womb Course leads to deep transformation and healing on all levels of body, soul, emotions and sexuality. This is the Premiere Gold Standard of Womb Consciousness Courses available in the world today, created by the pioneer and source of these teachings. 

In restoring our joy of loving, intimate sexuality, we heal unresolved issues with our bodies and the opposite gender. This Course is for those desiring to delve deeper, to retrieve and integrate their fragmented parts to step forward into Sacred Union with Self, and then with another. By authentically healing the sexual/emotional self, you open once again in Love, with Womb Power as an anchoring support and source of wisdom.

Scientists around the world are now confirming this: that yoni and brain are one network, one whole system, and this is the mediator for female confidence, creativity, and transcendence.  

Throughout the 7 Gates Course, you will be held in a trustworthy, authentic, safe and loving container. 

In this dynamic experiential Course, you will experience:

  • Ma’at: Opening the Gates of the Heart: In ancient Egypt Ma’at was the Goddess of the hearts truth. Ma’at was the sacred practice used by priests and priestesses to purify the heart. It sets the tone for honest self-inquiry and humility, both necessary in order to live the joy, love and peace we are.
  • 7 Gate Transmissions: a profound healing and opening of the seven soul-sexual doorways into the Womb and Soul. These transmissions are focused light infusions carefully placed into the energetic and emotional root of each of the seven gates.  These seven Healings ignite your soul within your body and reconnect yourself to your Self, bringing back sanctity, purity, passion, pure feeling and magnetic emotion into your body, soul, sexual energy and life force.
  • The White Rose: that activates the magnetic pathways within the body that houses your innate love, unifying body and soul together.
  • Opening the Mouth of the Goddess - Activating, clearing, connecting the Alta Major-Pineal Chakra.
  •  Abortion and Miscarriage Healings: a process over several weeks that reaches the very cause of the abortion, clears its effects and pain within you, and realigns the spirit of the unborn child and your soul.
  • Opening to Divine Love: the greatest love we can ever experience. Learn how to authentically reconnect with the Beloved and deepen into the greatest Love we can ever experience.
  • Karmic Knots: Dissolving coagulations of karma in the spine
  • Placenta-Umbilical Healing: Healing umbilical and placental cutting and trauma which leads to deep insecurity and mother issues throughout life.
  • Amygdala Healing: Deep emotions get recorded and triggered through the amygdala. In this Transmission, the memories and emotions will arise for release and resolution.
  • Chakra Lock Transmissions: The Root, Sacral, Throat and Womb Chakras all have locks on them, as seen in Yoga. In this Transmission you are helped to release this lock by feeling the cause of the lock within you.
  • 3 live Tele Conferences every month
  • Daily Emotional support and guidance from authentic teachers
  • A private Forum to deeply share with others moving through the same souls journey as you. This is invaluable for emotional care, emotional support and to share the new and mystical experiences that will be happening to you.  

In the 7 Gates Retreat at the end of the Course, you will immerse in:

  • 5 Tibetan Pulses: Womb, Heart, Ovaries, Ovary-Womb, and Yoni
  • The Union of love and power in Heart-Womb Breathing
  • Deeper Immersions into the 7 Gates
  • The Shakti Circuit: opening the channels of Shakti within you
  • Crown Opening Transmission
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Male-female polarity healing
  • Tantric Womb opening
  • Divine Love Flow
  • The 4 levels of sacred sound, prayer, chant and mantra
  • Womb Voice Oracle: An in depth Tuning to your Womb Voice and Wisdom
  • The Gaia Womb Circuit: reconnect your sexual energy, womb and feminine magnetic channels in your body and soul directly into Gaia herself

The womb container created on our Courses provides a setting, a nourishing womb, in which your healing and opening can unfold. Through the openness of each guides womb and heart she creates a place of safety, a trustworthy place where all parts of you can feel themselves again. 

I have been searching spiritually for the last 20 years, and have longed for a path where I can deepen into my feminine source, and that includes working deeply with emotions, opening my heart and body to source/ God, through the Christ lineage, and with real teachers that has a full lived experience of what they are teaching, as well as students that are really dedicated and wants this work to be the priority in their life.

I have found Seven Gates online course and Shekinah to fullfill these wishes, and much more. Shekinah is a wonderful teacher, who knows every landscape in this journey intimately, both its holes and pitfalls and its jewels and treasures, so she is able to be there for me every step of the way. The journey is not easy, but has great rewards. Be prepared to be deeply challenged and dive into your deeper wounds that needs to be felt for you to truly evolve and come to a more intimate feeling of God's infinite love and knowing your souls abundance of gifts.

Shekinah guides you through this landscapes, with an extreme directness and clarity - held with huge love and unwavering focus on helping your soul grow and open to God. I encourage anyone who feels ready to embark on this journey - go for it! You will not regret deepening in your feminine power and wisdom. Words can not make justice - you have to live it and see for yourself.

I was surprised as to what extent the Seven Gates Facebook group has served as a deep, soulful container, and to what extent we have been building a strong field together with a palpable presence to bathe and bask in - that is always there. Such a luxury to share with this sisterhood from all over the world -and to get daily response and support from Shekinah and my sisters on the forum.

An amazing course taking you on a deep journey into yourself and reconnecting you to the bigger realties that exist both inside and outside. Shekinah lovingly guides you on this often difficult path, showing you the way when you falter and want to step off. Padma’s knowledge and piercing wisdom direct you to reunite all that you are and in doing so rediscovering Divine love and your soul’s purpose. You are always warmly embraced and held even if you sometimes forget it. If you want to change the way you feel, experience and give to life then this is the course for you. A recipe book with specific instructions it is not. Be prepared for wondrous changes.