Soul and Shakti Course

6 Month Transformation Journey:

From suffering into living love

Facilitated by Aina Greta and Aygun Solara

The soul is our living essence. It holds our deepest desires for Love and Life. It is the drive that makes us breathe each breath of love, continuously inviting us to explore, grow, connect, and live life in fullness.

Out of Love and the desire to create more Love, the Creator of our Soul created us in love and with free will. With this free will we made the choice to go on this human experience.

And so the journey begins …

As we first descend into the density of the human body at the moment of conception we start to receive impressions and experiences that are different from love. These impressions are painful and lead to false beliefs around love. In these overwhelming moments we start to shut down and cover these parts of our soul that are in pain, as it feels unbearable and impossible to survive if we allow them to be felt. In these moments we do not allow ourselves to fully come into our body and instead choose falsely ‘safe’ havens where we can deny the pain and reside in surviving.

Life becomes a strategy to survive, a battle of control against pain, and no matter what we do, the suffering is always there on one level or another. We forget about the love we were created in and the desire to fully live this human experience.  We look in all directions outside of ourselves to find love, to fill the hole, substituting the love and the life we so desperately crave.

Shakti is life force, the living substance that flows through and connects all of creation. Shakti is very similar to love and only wants to create more of itself, Life. In shutting down parts of our soul we also close off from Shakti, from life, from true authentic relating with ourselves and others, and all that it connects us to.

Re-igniting, allowing Shakti life-force to flow back into us, we start the journey to open up all contracted places within us, bringing back the separated parts of our soul, aligning our minds with our souls, our hearts with womb/hara, all becoming more and more the authentic expression of who we truly are.

When we include all parts, physical body, emotions, soul, life-force flows through to ignite and enflame Life and Love within. The Soul and Shakti journey will take you deep within and will reflect outwards. 

In this Course, we first move deeply into the Heart in the Ceremony of Ma’at, allowing the heart to become light as a feather. We then delve deeply and intimately into your Feminine or Masculine Self, including soul and Divinity, bringing it back to the original design of purity and innocence. As we connect these emotions, soul and life-force, we then move into and purify the Mind, which then finally anchors through the Crystal Body of Light in our joints, grounding into Gaia.

This 6 month online Transformation Journey is a deep exploring and stripping away of the layers that prevent you from living the desires in your soul. Through guided meditations, practices from ancient sacred lineages, the wisdom of the soul, authentic sharing and loving individual support and guidance, the journey unfolds. 

All you need is desire, dedication, discipline, devotion and discernment - which all deepen in the journey - and a little handful of courage and excitement to go on a new adventure to know your soul.

Welcome to a life-changing adventure to fully embody the soul and the love that you are.

This intense soul journey unfolds in 4 modules, each of the modules being a profound 40 day guided journey.

The 6 month Soul and Shakti Transformational Intensive is designed for those wishing to accelerate their souls growth over an extended period of time.


  • Introduction Soul and Shakti week 
  • Module 1: 40 days Ma'at Opening the Heart of Harmony
  • Module 2: 40 days Sex, Soul and Divinity
  • Module 3: 40 days The Brain of Light
  • Module 4: 40 days The Crystal Body of Light 
  • 3 live Tele Conferences every month
  • 5 Healing Transmissions
  • Daily Emotional support and guidance from authentic teachers
  • A private Forum to deeply share with others moving through the same souls journey as you. This is invaluable for emotional care, emotional support and to share the new and mystical experiences that will be happening to you.  

In the Soul and Shakti Retreat you will immerse in:

  • The Shakti Circuit: opening the 18 pathways and flow of Shakti within you 
  • Deep reconnection from Womb/Hara with Gaia and the whole Web of Life 
  • Tibetan Pulses
  • The Union of love and power in Soul-Womb Breathing
  • Healing with our bio parents all the way to the first human parents 
  • Male-female polarity healing
  • Healing with our Shadow 
  • Divine Love Flow - surrdender to Divine 

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