THE SOUL'S GUIDE TO BIRTHING: 6 month Online Course and Retreat

Facilitated by Shekinah Zorensky

Conscious birthing is a sexual and spiritual pathway returning with the renaissance of feminine consciousness and earth centred wisdom.  

This course is also an experiential training for doulas and midwives wanting to work from a more soul-integrated perspective. This course is based on the book, "The Soul's Guide to Birthing: Handbook for a New Humanity", described as a ‘twenty-first century Birthing Bible,’ bringing together modern science and ancient wisdom.

This Course is a thorough initiation into being a 'soul midwife.' A midwife is one who walks between worlds, through the realms of birth and death. Being a soul midwife equips one with the embodiment skills, intuition, artistry and inner foundation to truly support and guide other souls through the sacred doorway of birth, and into the blueprint of parenting as a spiritual pathway. 

A womb centered awareness is essential for a Birthing Guide. When she is deeply situated in her womb, she can authentically guide her clients from a centered, loving, and clear place.  She can offer a deep container of soul resonance for both parents and baby to emerge and embody. This capacity is deeply nourishing and is connected with a larger harmony and unconditional place of service honoring the highest potential for each soul involved. 

Essential to a soul midwife is a clear understanding of both the physiological and emotional aspects of the birthing journey from the soul's perspective. Many pregnancy challenges, birth complications and post partum depressions are prevented with the application of the wider 'soul science' of birth. A soul midwife expands the experience of birthing beyond the body and mind, beyond hospital and cultural norms, into the creative and organic expression of the soul of a couple and the soul of the incoming child. 

This nine month online journey with retreat delves deep into ancient rituals, practical exercises, and close mentorship to distill and develop your own gifts in the birthing field in a soul embodied way. The journey has a strong emphasis on the practical application of meditations and practices for the clients on the birthing journey to help the couple heal, communicate, vision, and manifest through out preconception, pregnancy, and birth. She will be well equipped to give parents the tools and confidence to embark on their own heart felt and engaged journey through one of life’s most sacred initiations.

Conscious birthing is transformative, a timeless and shamanic Rite of Passage for the whole family that catalyses man, woman and child into their next step in evolution. It requires both art and skill to hold the necessary shamanic space of a soul midwife. 

The wisdom conveyed in this course ignites one of woman’s deepest secrets: the power to awaken and embody her own soul through birthing her child. Yet for too long, birthing has been known as women’s only business. The role of the father is essential and empowering. This course equips guides with the tools to guide others through the new emotions and challenges that arise in pregnancy, so they may all enjoy the growth, healing, joy and love that family brings. It is from the deep foundation of family, that souls can birth themselves into the world. 

The online forum with daily practices is an opportunity for daily guidance and connection with Shekinah and other students. The retreat is designed to deepen students in their own womb embodiment as well as experientially train them in the practices to be shared with their clients. The Course is also an opportunity to build relationships with others committed to the new birthing paradigm.

The pre-requisite for this course is The Seven Gates: Journey into the Womb online course and retreat.

The cost for the course is 300 GBP a month (deposit covers first month and materials). It is contained by an online forum and course work includes daily practices and posting about your experiences and questions. There are teleconferences about once a week. This course is open to a small group to allow continued mentorship with Shekinah to specifically develop your personal gifts in this arena.

The womb container created on our Courses provides a setting, a nourishing womb, in which your healing and opening can unfold. Through the openness of each guides womb and heart she creates a place of safety, a trustworthy place where all parts of you can feel themselves again.