Dimensions Of Love

Dimensions Of Love

7-9 July - Haarlem, The Netherlands

9.30 - 18

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Dimensions Of Love

3-day intensive workshop


What is love … and what is it not?

Why is love the most misused word on this planet?

Why do our love relationships break and hurt us deeply?

Is Love meant to hurt?

Is the love between me and my partner, me and family, the greatest love I can ever experience? Can I grow in love? Can I become more loving … and if so, how can I do that? Is there a map to love that I can follow? What does God has to do with it? What is the ultimate love? How do I become more like that?

In this 3-day intensive workshop we explore and experience into the depths of love and what love is not. With desire, humility and childlike curiosity we open ourselves to bring back all these scattered parts of our soul where love is absent.

We learn how to become whole again, open to receive more love and from this abundance give … receive more … give more …

What can I expect in the workshop?

  • Different forms of love: natural love, soul mate love and Divine Love 
  • Experience what love is and what it is not
  • Learn about the Spheres of Love
  • Create your personal map as guideline to more Love
  • Heal and dissolve false subconscious beliefs around love
  • Release old fears, pain and hurt and bring these scattered parts back into love
  • Discover your very unique soul expression of love
  • Journey in the 5 Wounds and Balms of Love
  • Re-connect and deepen the connection with the Source of Love and the Creator of soul
  • And much more …


When: Friday to Sunday 7-9 July  2017 from 9.30 to 18.00

Where: Studio Raniya, Klein Heiligland 84, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Contribution: 240 euro

Contact:  Karen De Smet via e-mail

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Dimensions Of Love

7-9 July - Haarlem, The Netherlands

Register with Full payment: EUR €240

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