Power of Shakti II Ovary-Testes Activation

Power of Shakti II Ovary-Testes Activation

26-28 May 2017 - Izmir, Turkey

9.30 - 18

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Power of Shakti Level II

Shakti Light and Power Generators 
Ovary-Testes Activation

The ovaries-testes are the biological light and power generators of the female-male form. They provide our vitality, energy, youthfulness and seed of light, and hold our innate blueprint for orgasmic birth and the true feminine energy. 
They hold our depression, grief, and loss of femininity, sexual injuries and ancestral wounds. 

In this 3-day workshop we allow Shakti, Life-force to flood our ovaries-testes, connecting our innate circuits and open to ground a firm yet fluid, soft foundation to live from our magnetic feminine essence (both for men and women). 
In this foundation lies the true crucible for birthing our deepest soul’s desires, bringing them forth and sustaining them, effortlessly in a natural flow with all life, with Gaia, with God and in Love. This is how we truly embody our soul and our magnetic feminine essence.

In this workshop new practices will be shared allowing you to experience this tremendous ever flowing source of Love, always available, soothing, healing, reviving, creating, and endlessly flowing throughout you and all life, anchoring you in your feminine essence and in your direct connection with Gaia and Mother God.

This workshop is open to all women and men who participated in Power of Shakti Level I. 


When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 26-28 2017 from 9.30am to 6pm

Where: Yoga Merkezi Urla, 3294 Sok. No 14 Kalabak Urla, İzmir, Turkey

Contribution: 240 euro 

Contact: Simin SAYGI <> tel +90 (0)555 663 46 83

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Power of Shakti II Ovary-Testes Activation

26-28 May 2017 - Izmir, Turkey

Register with : EUR €240

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