Sacred Journey into Egypt

Sacred Journey into Egypt

13 - 23 September 2017 - Egypt

10 day retreat

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Sacred Journey into Egypt

Sacred Journey into Egypt 

Experiencing the Nine Bodies of Light 

September 13-23, 2017 


We live in tumultuous times where we are experiencing many other realities. To help us navigate this are keys from the ancient Egyptian tradition: the Nine Bodies of Light. Each of the Nine Bodies are multi-dimensional perspectives that create AND shift your consciousness. In practice, many of us are using some of these bodies, but not all of them, because the Nine are holographic.


Just as we have our physical eyes and body, so, too, do we have other eyes and bodies that are as real in other dimensions. These other bodies allow us to sense, feel, navigate and unify all parts of our human and divine selves, culminating in becoming ‘A Shining One,’ a living temple for Hu or Spirit to live in.

In Egypt, one got to ‘Know thyself’ by experiencing and becoming the Nine in physical form. God is part of us, one of our Nine Bodies.

In the full communion of all bodies, one got to know themselves fully, embodying the soul on earth in the physical form.


The Nine Bodies unite soul, body and spirit in loving wisdom and power.

  • Accelerate the ascension process by harnessing your Ka body
  • Open and purify your heart through the 42 Laws of Harmony of Ma’at
  • Tap into the four stages of vibration and sound
  • Open the Djed Spine to embody more light
  • Ignite your Shakti or Sekhem
  • Commune with the ancient Egyptian Neters or Gods and receive their Gifts
  • Use your shadow as a gateway to Source
  • Tap into the Christ Lineage to heal, open and more deeply connect to the Beloved


On this Sacred Journey, we will learn in depth about each body, and then travel into the heart of the Egyptian temples to activate each of our bodies. The vibration of the ancient Egyptian and Atlantean languages will be used extensively in these activations, as will their meditation and energy generating practices.  


This is a highly experiential Sacred Journey.




Upper-lower Nile

We will be travelling and living on an Egyptian boat on the Nile: the mirror of the Milky Way. This is a spectacular experience by day and by night. In air conditioned private cabins, or the chance to sleep under the dancing stars: the choice is yours. From our boat base we will have daily seminars and meditations every morning to prepare us to travel to the Egyptian temples after lunch and activate our nine bodies. We return every evening to congregate as a group, share our experiences, and reflect about the ancient Egyptian mysteries.

 Padma and his team will be ever present and ever available throughout the journey, for support, assistance and guidance.



September 13th: Meeting in Luxor

This is a day to land, arrive from the airport and get settled in. All airport pick ups are for the 13th. The group will meet for dinner at 7pm on the boat.

Nile boat


14th: Official start, opening and Journey to the Temple of Karnak

We will begin before breakfast with a warm up and a body wake up call. After breakfast, we will delve into the first Egyptian body of light with Padma.

After lunch we shall visit Karnak Temple and the Sekhmet shrine.

Time for integration, dinner and an early restful evening



15th: Journey to the Temple of Edfu

A Shakti session before breakfast and morning session with Padma as we set sail to Edfu, home of the Temple of Horus or Heru. After the boat docks we will be driven by horse and carriage to the Temple. Watching the Nile and the river banks, we continue sailing through the lush green, stopping at an island to sink our feet in the mud.

Temple of Horus in Edfu


16th: Journey to the Temple of Kom Ombo

Morning session before breakfast and then a teaching with Padma as we set sail to the Temple of Kom Ombo, the only dual temple in Egypt, poised between the edge of the river and the desert. Sobek, the crocodile god of potency, fertility and rebirth, and Horus the son of light. The duality of light-dark, love and power, conscious/unconscious is here. After visiting each part of ourself, we enter the Seat of Neutrality on the centerline between Horus and Sobek.

Temple of Kom Ombo


17th: Journey to Philae: House of Isis.

We have an early wake up to enjoy our private excursion to the Temple.

This Temple has an Oracular Portal used by the Priestesses of Isis for millennia, and is a gateway to a pure feminine light. A day to deeply receive the grace and the eye of light. We then have breakfast in the Temple Gardens, and wander around this magnificent Temple. Returning to the boat for lunch and a short seminar and group sharing, we dock at an island where we can swim, enjoying the beauty of the lush landscape. At night, we will have a Dance set up on deck and a Jacuzzi under the stars.

Isis Temple - Island of Philae

18th: Sailing on the Nile  

Morning Shakti session followed by a Seminar with Padma. Today is a day for spontaneous openings and sharings with Padma and the Team to integrate and open further on your individual journey. There will also be time to enjoy the Nile, swimming, sharing, exploring.



19th: Hathor Temple of Dendera

Morning session with Padma before breakfast. After breakfast we set off to Dendera, the Temple of The Hathors, a deeply feminine Temple dedicated to the arts of sacred sound, beauty, motherhood, dance and creation. We will create an ancient Egyptian Sound Mandala in the Temple here, using our bodies and voices to resonate with creation itself in this sacred sound environment. Packed lunches will be provided which we can eat at the Temple gardens. Upon return we have time for questions, integration, dinner and rest.

Temple of Hathor - Dendera


20th: The temple of Abydos and New Moon Ceremony

Early breakfast as we head to the Temple of Abydos and the Osirion, one of the most ancient and powerful Creation Temples in the world. Significant new evidence about the creation of humanity is revealed here: our very origins. We will have a morning seminar on the bus with Padma before entering this very significant Temple on the New Moon. Upon return integration, questions, dinner and rest.

Temple Abydos


21st: Flight to Cairo and evening ritual

Early breakfast as we fly to Cairo. We have a day to enjoy the desert breeze as we gaze upon the magnificent site of the Pyramids. Session with Padma at sunset overlooking the Pyramids.

Great Pyramid Giza


22nd: Anubis at Saqqara and The Great Pyramid Solstice Ceremony

Morning Shakti session and breakfast. We head straight to the Pyramid of Saqqara, an Anubis Sacred Site to cleanse, heal and open our heart-soul and shadow. We return for a late lunch as we prepare ourselves for our private Equinox Ceremony at night in the Great Pyramid of Giza. This will be a powerful day and night! This will anchor, ignite and help you deeply anchor into the light bodies.

 Giza Sarcophagus

23rd: The Return

Morning Shakti session and breakfast. Closing circle with Padma to help ground, integrate and continue the journey on into your own life …

Shuttles will be ready to take you to Cairo airport and for those staying on, personal transport can be organized with Jasmeen, our Manager of the Tour.


Changes may occur in the itinerary though no content will be removed for this purpose. 




 Padma Aon Prakasha                             Padma Aon Prakasha

is a Master teacher, evolutionary catalyst and author of Nine Eyes of Light, Ascension Keys from Egypt. He brings back secret wisdoms to humanity from the many sacred traditions he has been initiated into. He has taught worldwide for seventeen years, creating teachers in Australia, Turkey, Hawaii, USA, UK, Belgium and France. His Work has touched millions of souls. Padma is also the author of The Christ Blueprint, The Power of Shakti, Womb Wisdom, Dimensions of Love and forthcoming Souls guide to Birthing Padma rarely teaches to the general public anymore, so this is a unique and wonderful opportunity to experience the Pure Potency and Deep Openings catalysed by a Master Teacher.

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WhereThe journey starts in Luxor and ends in Cairo. There are several daily domestic flights to Luxor from Cairo. Cairo is Egypt’s biggest International airport.

WhenThe journey start on September 13, at Luxor airport where shuttle is organised to bring you to the Nile boat for dinner at 7pm. Our journey ends on September 23, after breakfast and closing circle. Shuttle to Cairo airport is organised.

Price: 2250 euro. This includes 10 nights accommodation in shared room, 3 vegetarian meals per day, all visits to the sacred temples, one way group flight from Luxor to Cairo, all teachings.

Not included: travel to and from Egypt

Booking: Your place is secured upon receipt of your full payment (2350 euro including paypalfee).  For registration through bank transfer e-mail

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For further information contact:

After your deposit is received and confirmed, we will send out further information to you.


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