Soul and Shakti

Soul and Shakti

2-9 September 2017 - Les Labadous, Rennes-Le-Chateau, France

7 day retreat

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Immersing in Soul and Shakti

7 day retreat 

Rennes-Le-Chateau, France

The retreat is an essential part of the course and the journey of embodying the soul. It is a profound deepenening and integration in our souls blooming. 

 In the Soul and Shakti Retreat we will immerse in:

  • The Shakti Circuit: opening the 18 pathways and flow of Shakti within you 
  • Deep reconnection from Soul to Womb/Hara with Gaia and the whole Web of Life 
  • What is love, what is love not and what is stopping us receiving love
  • Divine Love and Divine Laws
  • The Matrix and Matrix Laws
  • Tibetan Pulses
  • The Union of love and power in Soul-Womb Breathing
  • Healing with our bio parents all the way to the first human parents 
  • Male-female polarity healing
  • Healing with our Shadow, allowing our Shadow to become our ally
  • Divine Love Flow - surrdender to Divine 


The retreat will be held in the center of the Pentagram at Rennes-Les-Chateaux in France. We are hosted at Les Labadous which will be our safe and loving womb space where we can surrender into all that arises. 

You are welcomed on the 2nd September for dinner at 7pm and the retreat starts at 7am on 3rd September and ends after lunch on the 9th September. 

Contribution for the retreat is 1350 euro. This includes accomodation in shared room, 3 vegetarian meals per day and all the teachings. 

To secure your place for the retreat, register with your deposit of 700 euro  in paypal as family and friend to 

Travel information will be shared upon receipt of your deposit.

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