Journey Deeper into Womb Consciousness: The Seven Gates Retreat

Journey Deeper into Womb Consciousness: The Seven Gates Retreat

June 1-7 2019 - Brazil

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Register with Deposit: USD $500

Journey deeper into Womb Consciousness

The Seven Gates Retreat

Lead by Fabiana Sacca and Shekinah Zorensky (Spanish and English)

This 7 day residential retreat is a powerful embodiment piece for your gates in connection with Gaia in the deep landscape of the sacred feminine. This event will change your life, open you womb and soul to a new level, and help you embody all that you have initiated in the coursework to this point.

The 7 Gates Embodiment retreat is open to all student of 7 Gates courses past and current. It is a prerequisite for the Web of Life course. In this retreat we journey deep into the experience of each of the gates. Each gate holds specific soul qualities that are expressions of the pure feminine soul. In a holographic and whole way, we utilize body practices, prayer, emotional healing, and connection with Gaia to more activate and open the gates. 

The retreat is lead by experienced womb wisdom guides who hold a deep and nurturing womb space enabling rapid evolution for your soul and body.

The retreat was beyond my imagination. I did not have any expectations going other than my hope that I would leave transformed. It was the most intense and soul reaching work I have ever done. I am so deeply grateful for Shekinah’s guidance and wisdom to help me get to the depths of my wounds and soul recovery. I left the retreat feeling a deeper connection to my womb, to the earth, to the Divine and my sisters. I left forever changed. I love this work and am so grateful to have found it, taken the step to sign up and shown up for it with all my being. If you have a small voice that says do it, listen to it, this course will change you in ways you never expected.  --AS




Contribution: 1200 US$ teaching fee plus retreat center cost (usually around $500) - Secure your place with the deposit of 500 US$ by April 15th, 2019.


For any additional info please e-mail Shekinah at

Please note, this retreat is open to all current and past 7 Gates Students.


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Journey Deeper into Womb Consciousness: The Seven Gates Retreat

June 1-7 2019 - Brazil

Register with Deposit: USD $500

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