Genetic Alchemy - A Journey in Soul Embodiment

Genetic Alchemy - A Journey in Soul Embodiment

4-6 May 2018 - Istanbul - Turkey

9am - 6pm

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Genetic Alchemy

A Journey in Soul Embodiment 

Genetic Alchemy

Maya Tatjana Alexander has deeply embodied many aspects of the unified Divine Feminine energy as you will palpably feel in her deeply loving and vast presence. Her precision and capacity for accessing and healing the ancestral pieces is rare. Her deep womb presence entrains you to your own deeper connection to Earth and the

In this 3 day intensive workshop we follow the invitation to bring our awareness to all the 'unseen’ held within us, to our inherited wounds & karmic structures stored deep within our cellular memory, our DNA.
Our DNA carries the information of physical, emotional, mental characteristics past down to us through generations, as well as belief and thought patterns which can keep us from accessing and living our own true potentials, sometimes even expressing through illness, various symptoms and reoccurring fates witnessed within families.

Through the teachings and practices we open ourselves to embody more of our souls innate orIginal blueprint, enabling us to freely live our gifts and talents, who we truly are. Within these deep soul movements lies the potential to move beyond our known limitations and constrictions, freeing ourselves from inherited belief systems, mental constructs, releasing the breeding ground for illnesses and symptoms in our very DNA.

Maya is a Facilitator of Systemic Medicine, a ZenShiatsu Practioner, co-founder of 'Genetic Alchemy’ together with Padma Aon Prakasha and a teacher of 'Womb Wisdom’. For many years she has been guiding souls in their healing journeys and their further embodiment. Maya teaches retreats and workshops worldwide.

Be ready to find freedom from those deepest stuck places as
you discover the power of your innate connection with those that came before you. No doubt you will be enlightened, fall deeply in love, do some profound healing, and touch an incredible compassion for the many souls in your precious lineage.


This course is open for men and women of all ages!

This 3 day intensive will be held in English and Turkish

When:  4-6 May 2018  From 9.00am - 6pm Friday and Saturday and 10am till 6pm Sunday

LocationKanlica Mah, Haci Muhittin Sok, No:35 Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkey

Contribution : 333 US$ - To be paid in full by 25t April 2018

Contact and registration: Aygun Kabadayi phone: +905442909811,  email:

As places are limited make sure to reserve yours! 

NOTE: To attend this course one must be present 100% of the time and attend the entire 3 days

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Genetic Alchemy - A Journey in Soul Embodiment

4-6 May 2018 - Istanbul - Turkey

Register with : USD $333

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