22-29 September 2018 - Lentas, Crete GREECE

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I AM Retreat


22-29 September 2018

Levinthos Retreat Centre on Crete, Greece

7 day retreat with Padma Aon Prakasha


You are the I AM, the Sovereign, Free, Individual Self, a Pure Soul. The I AM is your True Self, your very own Divine Blueprint found deep in the seed-core of each of your chakras. In ancient India and Egypt, there were seen to be 13 major chakras, each composed of 7 layers to each Chakra. These layers are accessed through deep feelings, the igniting of Shakti, Tantric technology and sacred vibrational sound codes which are now available in Sanskrit and Aramaic.

The Sanskrit and Aramaic Codes reveal the LightBody. The Chakras and their practices and sounds as known in the world are a distortion of what they originally were and intended to be— Activation Keys to the opening of the LightBody and your Divinity. Now is the time to reawaken these sacred codes within your soul and body, to allow their Transmission to shift your DNA into the next level of consciousness, igniting Self. 

India holds keys to Christ Consciousness forgotten in the Western world, yet very much part of Christ’s training and teachings. Aramaic is the sacred heart language of Christ and Mary, a Living Language of Light that holds experiential wisdom that deepens us into our original lightbody.


The I AM is what we will journey into over these 7 days:

  • Aramaic I AM Body Prayers and Names of God
  • Avatar Babaji’s Tantric Kriya Yoga
  • Sacred Sanskrit I AM Aham Mantras -original vibratory cosmic sounds.
  • Daily Kundalini Chakra Yoga
  • Tantric Kriyas for each chakra: the science of Tantra


‘Wow what a journey I had! I have never got connected with Divine so gracefully and beautifully. Kriya yoga, mantras and Padma's transmission of Masters Presences were mind blowing and soul opening. Thanks Padma for holding and bringing this I AM energy from many different lineages to me. Looking forward for more deepening in my Divine Blueprint!’’ TK



We are blessed to have our Retreat in the sanctuary of Levinthos on Crete, home of the ancient and Goddess led Minoan sacred civilisation. Levinthos is an eco-designed retreat centre run on geo thermal energy with some of the most gorgeous beaches on Crete and the crystal clear Libyan Sea on our doorstep. Organic, fresh, home made vegetarian Cretan cuisine will be a highlight.



Levinthos 2

‘’Wow! The first I AM 7 Chakras retreat felt elevating to the next 10 octaves. Each chakra was opened in exactly the way I needed to find a deeper level of sensuality, passion, clarity and the confidence to keep saying "YES" to life in every way, discovering all and totally enjoying the adventure. If you feel called to embrace and explode open the next layers for you, embodying this higher level of evolution is the continuing step - I highly recommend you answering the call... and revel in the gratitude of doing so!’’ GA



We start on 22 September for a welcome dinner, ending September 29 at 6pm with an Ending Dinner. Several sacred and beautiful sites are nearby. More information available upon Registration.

Retreat Cost: 1820 euro (+30euro paypal). This includes the non-refunable deposit of 500 euro, all teachings, 8 nigths accommodation in shared rooms and 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day. Free private beach access. Travel to Lentas is not included. Clostest airport is Heraklion. Grouped transfers to Levinthos Retreat Centre can be organised (about 23 euro one way per person) 

a couple of places remaining for the Retreat


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Padma Aon Prakasha is a spiritual teacher, author and initiate. Padma’s work has touched many through his books, teachings and music. Inspiring, moving, a breath of fresh air, Padma has been teaching worldwide for the last 17 years as a potent evolutionary catalyst, bringing together ancient and modern, esoteric and practical, to create change for those who truly desire it. Padma’s books reveal different aspects of the full potential of the soul, drawn from the many sacred traditions he has been Initiated into. His books include: Dimensions of LoveThe Power of ShaktiWomb Wisdom, Sacred Relationships (Inner Traditions) Christ Blueprint, Nine Eyes of Light: (NAB/ RandomHse).       

Padma Aon

Padma is a Master of Sacred Sound, in particular Sanskrit, Egyptian and Aramaic, and uses these vibrations to rapidly shift consciousness. As a globally distributed music producer, Padma has performed worldwide, producing 2 albums for Sub Rosa/BMG: Rhythmic IntelligenceSong of Light, and Life Cycles, accompanying the book Womb Wisdom and the forthcoming Souls Birth, which accompanies the book of the same name. His TV work involved discovering the first ever found mummified Tibetan Lama for Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy for Discovery Channel, and narrating Peabody Winner Stephen Olssen’s Cannes/SunDance Documentary Sounds of the Soul about The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music. 

‘’I experienced the most delicious deep filling up of Me! Fears and old traumas released and dissolved with the powerful Kriyas and sacred sound mantras. I felt myself suspended in an ocean of Love, fluid, weaving up and down, in and out... tears of gratitude for feeling this deep restful place of peace and Love. It’s like all the pieces are coming together now and solidifying. I feel a deeper calm, an inner stillness and sense of my pure Self, more sure, more knowing, more embodied... thank you Padma.’’ JW

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22-29 September 2018 - Lentas, Crete GREECE

Register with Full payment: EUR €1850

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