Shakti Yoga 13 Week Class and Forum

Shakti Yoga 13 Week Class and Forum

October 24th 2018- January 16th 2019 - Austin, Texas

Wednesdays 7-9pm

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Facilitated by Shekinah Zorensky

This course is open to men and women.

Shakti Yoga is a series of 13 Atma Asanas or Soul Motions that bring women and men into different Faces of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The Shakti Yoga Forms bring you into deeper Embodiment. Through our bodies, we can embody soul and God. Through our breath, we can unite spirit and matter. Through our Shakti, we bring ecstasy into orgasmic form. 

The 13 Shakti Yoga Forms come from the Tantric Shaivite Shiva Tradition, the Aramaic Lineage of Mary Magdalene and Marie Salome, the Egyptian Lineage of Isis, and Kundalini Yoga. Over 13 weeks you will immerse into the 13 Forms, full body prayers that invite you to immerse your body, soul, shadow and Shakti into union.

Shakti Yoga brings you into your electo-magnetic ground of the masculine and feminine essences. When grounded in this field you feel safe and sovereign to walk firm through life. You allow Shakti to guide you through the present moment.
Through breath, mudra, sound and movement you anchor a new deep body awareness that becomes an anchor, a firm expanding foundation. Through powerful breath, body–womb/hara movement and sound, you unite the power and wisdom in the wom/harab and the love in the heart.

Shakti Yoga is a gateway to the primal and raw force of Shakti and love that creates and brings forth. This primal force in your yoni/lingam, womb/hara and soul allows you to encounter many ways you have repressed the unbridled flow of Shakti. Much arises to be embraced and surrendered to. 

In Shakti Yoga you can feel your Shaman, your Crown, your Priestess, your Witch, your Amazon, your deep earth connection with Gaia. You can know your Wizzard, your King, your Prince, your Magician, and your Tarzan.

Shakti Yoga is a deep feeling journey igniting Shakti throughout your whole body-soul being. It is a dance of Life, a dance of merging love and power, undulating in all your fibres allowing you to move through stagnant, dormant places, to free unfelt emotions, physical contractions, sexual repression and soul wounds.
Shakti Yoga allows you to open into experiencing your multi dimensional body-soul being. In this dance you encounter the void, your shadow, and the light of life you hold that connects to all life everywhere. 

Shakit Yoga is a powerful and direct waking up to the womb/hara and their capacities. It opens you to experience the power held here as your firm foundation and orientation to guide you through life, the grounding crucible and safe container to be open, vulnerable, powerful and loving in your actions and expression.

Shakti Yoga touches deeply into the autonomic nervous system where you hold deep peace and ecstasy, as well as emotional-sexual traumas and mental limiting imprints. These hinder you to feel safe and prevent you to let go in the full experience of ecstasy in love and its soul expression. 

The Shakti Yoga Forms allow you to surrender to That which is bigger than you. This Series of full body prayers invite you to surrender and allow love to move you beyond your physical limitations into the vastness of the heart. Allow ing your heart to crack open, surrendering and letting go of all protections and defenses that prevent you from giving and receiving love. 

The Shakti Yoga Forms are a complete journey into experiencing your Shakti and love deep in your body. It is a deep feeling journey allowing you to experience yourself as the multi-dimensional and grounded human you are.


The 13 week Shakti Yoga Forms is a course designed for those wishing to accelerate their souls growth over an extended period of time. It is and adventurious journey into becoming a-life, embodying the soul, and reconnecting in deep relating with our sexual essence, soul and Creator of our Soul.

The course unfolds with a weekly live class session each Wednesday 7-9pm in Southwest Austin where you will be guided through the practice. Every week we move into one of the 13 Shakti Yoga Forms. You will be held in a safe and loving container supported through a private online forum to share your experience and receive guidance to deepen your journey. 

 Course cost is $900 including deposit.

Please contact Shekinah for more details.

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Shakti Yoga 13 Week Class and Forum

October 24th 2018- January 16th 2019 - Austin, Texas

Register with : USD $$300

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