Heart Yoga: 3 day Workshop

Heart Yoga: 3 day Workshop

26-28th October 2018 - Living Waters, Austin, Texas

9am - 6pm

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Register with Full payment: USD $400


Heart Yoga

October 26th, 27th 28th 9am-6pm

Living Waters in Austin - Texas

with Shekinah Zorensky   


Accelerate your Heart Opening. Forgive. Reveal. Enjoy. Release past wounds.

Physically embody your soul more, through your heart. Open to give and receive more love. Release the layers guarding your heart, viscerally and palpably. 

The heart yoga workshop is a direct and potent journey into the multi dimensional heart. It opens us into all our layers and aspects of emotion, from sadness to shame, to bliss, compassion, and joy. It stimulates the remembrance of the pure heart, revealing the ways we’ve turned our back on Love. We will penetrate layers of trauma held in the nervous system to release the armour and numbness blocking us from giving and receiving more love. 

We will connect and nourish our personal connections and relations that open us more into the Web of Life. We will move deep into the 5th dimensional heart beyond the lens of duality and separation through powerful practices from all over the world. 

If you are ready for a journey of depth, beauty, bliss, vulnerability, and expansion touching the many flavours of the tender human heart and the exalted expression of the Divine Heart, then come join me in October…



  • Moving Body Prayers from the Christ Lineage of Yeshua 
  • Potent Heart Breathing, The Breath of Life, from the Waiteha Tribe New Zealand
  • Tibetan sacred sounds and mudras of the Heart Circuit
  • Heart-Soul Yogas from the Kundalini and Tibetan Traditions 
  • Buddhist Heart Opening Meditations, The Diamond Rose, to give and receive love with all creation
  • Potent Tibetan Tantric Heart Openings
  • The Weighing of the Heart of Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Harmony, Truth and Justice, from the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools 
  • Sanskrit and Hebrew Mantras of I AM, the Sovereign Soul Presence 
  • Goddess Yogas of Deep Devotion and Holy Desire


Who: this workshop is open to men and women, no previous experience needed, just your openness to engage and receive

When: October 26th, 27th 28th 9am-6pm

Where: Austin, Texas

Contribution: 400 US$

Info and contact: Shekinah Zorensky e-mail

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Heart Yoga: 3 day Workshop

26-28th October 2018 - Living Waters, Austin, Texas

Register with Full payment: USD $400

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