Life Cycles

The Life Cycles Album is a rich tapestry of the beauty, depth and soul of Womb Consciousness. It is a unique fusion of sacred sounds from feminine traditions worldwide, married with a vast series of acoustic healing frequencies and emotional soundscapes designed to take you on a journey deep into Womb Consciousness. 

Life Cycles helps dissolve the mind and soothe the soul to transport you into a deep, restful place within. It is ideal for meditation, to commune with the Womb, and for Pregnancy and Labour. It helps you drop down into Womb Space for discovery, healing, and peace.

Whether you use it for deep bodywork and massage, for birth regression, for subconscious healing, and for Group Meditations, Life Cycles helps one reach deeper, richer, silent spaces within yourself. 

Life Cycles Album has been designed as a sequenced journey from Track 1 to 4, starting from the beginning of life in the womb, travelling through the journey of birth, and into the womb of the void. It was originally created for and released with ''Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine'' book. 

The Life Cycles Album was produced by Padma Aon and George Christie with vocals and all instrumentation. Thank you to Randy Masters and Alex Theory for sharing unique psycho-acoustic frequencies of Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Space. Thank you to Stella for Egyptian vocals singing with Padma on 'Hathor,' an entirely vocal composition. Thank you for vocals from Baird Hersey from 'Eternal Embrace' and for 'Sri Yantra' Tones from Dr Jeffrey Thompson.