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The Seven Gates

Journey into Womb Consciousness

Six Month Online Course commencing 25th June 2017

and 7 Day Retreat in France

red rose

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Dear Friends of the Heart,

“What the world needs now is Love, sweet love…” Hal David

Choosing love is beyond the idea of holding a visual of one-ness in our minds. Choosing love means choosing to embrace all the darkness, all the apparent negativity we see in our outward world as aspects of ourselves asking to be witnessed, revealed, and healed. This is a deep and thorough journey that brings us into our ultimate wholeness and sovereignty. This is what frees us from the control of the systems that feed off our subconscious fear and pain. Only from this place can we truly serve ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, our world, and God.

The Seven Gates Course and retreat is a very direct map through the many faces and facets of love. From deep appreciation and belonging, to purity and joy, to gratitude and power, to surrender and sovereignty, to the pure abyss of unconditional love. This journey into womb consciousness will awaken what has long been forgotten, the doorway to your pure soul through your body.  As women, we have tried to align ourselves with a patriarchal design that governed from the mind…we lost sight of our center, our knowing, and our power, wisdom, and love. In reclaiming our own right, our own connection, we play our part in strengthening the collective field of this feminine consciousness. This is what will bring balance in part, in returning a deep harmony to life as we know it.

When we ourselves can live organically from this feminine consciousness, we take our seat as Queen. This is not some exalted state that takes place only in our prayer room. As women, our prayer room is our body. This is the embodiment of the Divine here on earth, in the everyday inhale and exhale of life… making dinner, raising children, doing our work in the world, and making love with our partners.

There is no separation in the feminine embodiment between mundane, profane, sacred, and holy. This is the innermost sacred union, expressed outwardly. It is from here that we emanate the waves that resolve, dissolve, harmonize and whole what was, and set the evolutionary possibility for what is next to unfold in human evolution. Our future, our children, our creative pursuits are all conceived in and birthed through our wombs.

If you feel the call, please join us for the next

Journey into Womb Consciousness from 25th June

 Details and Registration click here


We will host a week long retreat in Southern France

from 25th August to 1 September 2017

This retreat is open to past as well as current students of the Seven Gates Course - Journey into Womb Consciousness

Details and registration click here 


We are happy to announce here the Seven Gates Course 

in Spanish beginning July 27th 2017 

facilitated by Fabiana Sacca with retreat in Brazil.

Details and registration click here

red rose

Here is what other women are saying about the 7 Gates Journey…

I feel closer to God/ Goddess like never before with a wonder trust in life and All there IS. -MR

Our guides are deeply embodied in the Wisdom of their Wombs and had the ability to assist me in ways beyond what I could even express, they are intuitive, compassionate, and caring and holding the utmost integrity for the care of my soul. -CC

I have done many courses and workshops, nothing compared to the depth and Sacredness of this Seven Gate course and although it is online I never felt that it lacked intimacy and I always felt as a safe container held in great care and as a Sacred space. –DE

The 7 Gates course has helped me tap into my deeper wisdom that I always knew was there.  This is the most profound spiritual work that I have found in my 20 years of seeking, and the practices, along with the clairvoyant and compassionate guidance, has shown me how to actually embody the spiritual wisdom.  Unto this point, I realized sadly, the spiritual information that I had obtained was mostly mental, and I hadn’t actually put it into practice in my life effectively. I am eternally grateful for the guides on this course, as well as the amazing women I get to share with on the forum.  It feels as if I am building an international community with women in the deepest was possible, doing healing at the individual level and for the collective.  I am becoming the person I always knew I was and always wanted to be. -VT 

The 7 gates retreat was by far the most powerful and transformational experience I have ever had.  The opportunity to be in person with the guides and to receive their direct support is a unique opportunity. I was met with “ruthless compassion”, with guidance that opened me to my deepest pains and truths the most loving way.  The other women on the retreat provided a loving and supportive container to share in this passage of the soul.  It was life changing, and I am so grateful to have glimpsed what is possible for me in this lifetime.  –PR


If you feel the call, please join us for the next Journey into Womb Consciousness beginning 25 June 2017. Details and Registration click here 

Info on the retreat with the Journey into Womb Consciousness 25 August- 1 September 2017.  Details and Registration click here 

7 Gates Journey in Spanish beginning July 27th   facilitated by Fabiana Sacca with retreat in Brazil. Details and registration click here


This is a Knowing, a Call and a Recognition deep within your heart, womb, and soul. We look forward to journeying deeper with you and all that you are.

In Love and Truth,

The Womb Wisdom Team 


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