Seven Gates Readings facilitated by Shekinah Zorensky

Held deep within her gates is the key to a woman’s Divine Blueprint. This can be accessed as she begins to open and heal the wounds and illusions held within her body memory, a direct link to her soul. A Seven Gates reading is an hour long skype session combining prayer, a healing journey through the gates, and a practical set of actions to further open, ignite, and enable her soul’s gifts and actualization into the world.


Shekinah has always empowered me so deeply with my own souls growth. In my darkest times, I have been able to have a trusted guide there to not just lead me through, but show me how, so I can find that fire in myself to continue my journey.
Shekinah has always been able to see right through me to places I can't even see.  The love she brings to this space is truly what has helped me reveal my vulnerability, and  feel totally safe to unravel whatever it is that is keeping me stuck.

Working with Shekinah online and in person has been such a great gift for me on my journey. The depth with which she is able to see me is a testament to not only her intuition and her ability to see clairvoyantly, but also her incredible compassion and love for each soul that she works with.
Working with Shekinah has helped me move through challenging times in my life with speed, as I have been able to drop into the core of what has been holding me back and move through it quickly finding direction, and tools to keep going.
I can't recommend anything more that to work with Shekinah in any form. Has truly shifted my life to such deep levels. JD