Aina Greta

Aina has a gentle, embracing and very kind and supporting feminine presence, and has done ALL the Work you are about to embark on; so she will be a very helpful human support as she knows what to expect, what to move through, and how it works, from direct experience and having moved through it herself. She is committed to giving and love, and has done a great deal of soul work on herself in incredible circumstances with courage, fortitude, deep desire and humility. So, she understands. She has been well trained the last 4 years to deal with many of your questions.

Padma Aon Prakasha

Aina Greta is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Facilitator of Womb Wisdom-Shakti Workshops and Guide of the Goddess Yoga Forms Course.

My soul journey started early in life, first by disconnecting from myself and surviving my way into a successful business matrix life, coming to the point where I felt that I was missing out on living life itself. I tried various ways of re-connecting to my essence in Hatha yoga, meditation, energy work, Shiatsu, teaching Kundalini Yoga and facilitating ‘Healing Wounds of Life’ with Sat Santokh Singh. Yet I felt that something was still missing.

That changed when I met the work of Padma Aon Prakasha when it became clear that I had left out the deep emotions and feelings of my feminine soul. It dawned on me that until then, I had been scratching the surface. Allowing Shakti to flow and including my womb, my sexuality, my feminine feeling-consciousness-soul in the journey, has exponentially accelerated my growth and continues to do so. I rediscovered the Creator of my soul, Beloved God as my true Father, as my true Mother, and I would be nowhere in this journey if it was not for Their Support in Love and Truth.

Everyday I grow in love and deepen in connection with my soul, with my juicy womb, with the Creator of my soul and Gaia, in an ongoing journey founded in Joy, Love and Truth. Many times a day I am surprised by the many gifts that come to me, of a life lived in the moment, becoming more and more effortless. Including all my feelings, i become clearer and clearer in mind and speech, having daily overwhelming experiences that move me to tears in gratitude, bubbling in the Joy of Being A-live.

It is an amazing journey, with desire, devotion, humility, dedication, discernment and the discipline to follow through my deepest soul desires. My life has changed from surviving into an ongoing unfolding of living in the fullness of who I am, as a soul, as a woman. 

 I am fully dedicated to serve and guide any soul desiring to embark on a healing, opening journey towards Love. I share from my own lived experience, holding a gentle, feminine, safe yet strong loving container in which all that is not love can arise, be embraced, and brought back into love.

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