Fabiana Sacca

Fabiana Sacca is a Pathwork Helper, Shaman, intuitive leader and therapist. She brings her passion to explore in depth who we really are, working with the shadow, the body, the emotions and attitudes that prevent us from living full and vibrant lives even in times of crisis.Encourage people to follow their passion, their heart's desires, thereby becoming more loving , accepting and open to the  truth.

When I was in my twenties  I realize I had the ability to help people,emphatic, intuitive and with lack of judgement of what people were going through made them felt confident to open their hearts,so  I started learning different methods that had to do with the psyche,the energetic field and the body. This process has been unfolding through the years, having my daughter brought a new chapter in my life and the need to delve deeper in myself in order to become more loving.

As I continued my journey I realized that there was something missing and  when I started to work with Padma everything came into place. My connection with God,with my body, my sexuality, my womb, all my life changed. I became more loving, more alive. This journey brought back my deepest  joy and the owning of my sensuality. 

This has been and it is  an ongoing process of growing in love and joy. Dissolving fear,and creating what I want in my life instead of creating repeated patterns from the past.Change has become something permanent and feeling safe in every step I take.

 I´ve been giving  workshops and training  people and teachers around the world for the last 20 years sharing from my own experience of how to become a leader of ones own life, being a trustful vessel and self-responsible for our life and needs. 

I am fully committed to this work, with an open heart to guide anyone that will want to grow in love, holding a safe and loving space to explore the depths of the soul with courage, passion and joy.

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