Gaia El Aon

I am an intuitive bodyworker, artist and truth seeker who endeavors to walk the path of unconditional love. As an Embodiment Massage therapist and personal empowerment facilitator, I have the natural ability to see you on a deep, soul level, read your body and allow the Divine to flow through. I have spent many years cultivating desire, dedication, commitment and clarity within myself, and in this presence I know how to hold you so you feel completely safe to open up, allowing the space for you to rise up to do your own healing. 

With a bodywork foundation in Lomi Lomi, I bring compassion, impeccability, and Kuleana. I allow myself to be hollow-boned so that any and all therapies I have studied can flow through in presence, whilst continually developing the ability to know which modalities to use, marrying them together to elicit the most effective results. I use remedial therapies such as Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Touching Bone Energy and Structural Integration as well as more vibrational therapies such as Liquid Crystals (of which I am an advanced practitioner), and other personal spiritual initiations. I connect physical body ailments into what is being stored emotionally so that trauma can be released on a cellular level, and support the creation of new, healthy neural pathways in the brain and body. 

The most common feedback I receive is "I feel held. I feel safe. I feel nurtured in your presence." I know from direct experience that being vulnerable in the darkest shadows and giving yourself permission to embrace absolutely everything, you will gracefully receive the greatest light that will accelerate your journey into sovereignty. Over the past 15 years I have come to understand myself from the deep abyss of unworthiness to the angelic heights of God Creation. Feeling safe within myself allows me to assist you in learning how to hold yourself and feel safe in your own body and journey. 

I started with Womb Wisdom in 2008 when my 3D All-American-white-picket-fence-life started to dissolve. Moving through and continually healing my own 7 Gates I have found forgiveness and grace where once were cold, hard, imprisoning walls. Softening into it all I found my own unique seat in the Web of Life and the confidence to claim it. With thorough embrace, integrity and desire to constantly evolve, I live in this passion for love, for adventure...and I love to share all of it! I bring all of my realizations into facilitating self-empowerment in others. 

"When we are anchored in our human experience, feeling safe in love within ourselves, then we can move into full allowance of spirit and soul expressions, leading to the Divine Soul and Unity Consciousness. If we leave one part out of the equation, there is not wholeness." -G.T.

When I allow myself to be in this flow, artwork, poetry and creation pours through me, my little girl is excited with the magic that unfolds in a pure, playful and innocent curiosity. I have created art that has been featured in exhibitions in Australia and the USA, published two poetry books and continue to allow creative manifestations in connection with Gaia and God.

I hold a grounded, practical and adventurous human space. In this journey, with humble grace, presence and sincere reverence, I bring Makaukau, Kokua and Ha'aha'a nui. 

Aloha and Namaste

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