Maya Alexander

Maya Tatjana Alexander is an Ancestral Healing Facilitator, a Zen-Shiatsu Healer, Womb Wisdom Guide and Co-Founder of Genetic Alchemy.

From my teenage years, spontaneous healing of peoples physical and emotional issues occured through my touching them without me doing anything. The question “how does healing truly happen?’ led me to focus my innate healing ability into becoming a certified Zen Shiatsu Practioner in a 5 year training at the European Shiatsu Institute, with my main focus being womens health and pregnancy.

My ability in feeling and seeing peoples physical, auric and soul bodies as flows of light enables me to bring these flows back into harmony and connection. This supports my clients in healing illnesses, traumas and soul woundings from deep within the DNA.

The birth of my son and the resulting expansion in selfless love brought about a sudden arising of emotional and repetitive ancestral woundings. My journey continued, as I became a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, training for 3 years with Stephan Hausner and Dr. Gunthard Weber amongst others.

It was only when I encountered Womb Wisdom, journeying through the 7 Gates, and embodying more of the womb consciousness that i began to see deeper into the soul and its causal wounds.

Deepening continuously into my feminine, sensual soul in deep connection with Gaia and God, I have co-developed with Padma Aon Prakasha a feminine, soulful and expanded approach to ancestral healing called Genetic Alchemy, which embraces the full spectrum of all of our ancestors, womb consciousness and Beloved God.

The gentle, consistent simple Being of love has become my primary spiritual practice for myself and with all others. Staying in love, being love, no matter what happens inside me or around me, has brought me into more of the depths of love. The Presence of Love heals all things. My focus is to bring women into their feminine soul essence.

After a profound week long immersion with Mother Mary, and deep meditation and prayer in sacred sites around the world, I was initiated into healing through Love. It is from this place of being that I share with you in individual healing sessions, in Genetic Alchemy Transmissions and The Web of Life Course.

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