Padma Aon Prakasha

Padma is a global author, spiritual teacher and the Pioneer of Womb Consciousness Work in the world today. He has touched millions of people through his books, teachings, transmissions, and the many teachers he has taught. An Inspiring, moving revolutionary, Padma has been teaching worldwide for the last 17 years as a potent evolutionary catalyst, bringing together ancient and modern, esoteric and practical, to create change fast for those who truly desire it.

Padma’s books reveal different aspects of the full potential of the Soul, drawn from the many sacred traditions he has been Initiated into. His books include: The Power of ShaktiWomb Wisdom co-author, (Inner Traditions/Bear&Co), the much loved The Christ Blueprint and The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt (NAB/Random House) Dimensions of Love (O Books), and Sacred Wounds, Original Innocence. His forthcoming books are ''The Souls Guide to Birthing" with Shekinah Zorensky and‘’Sacred Relationships: Birthing the New Paradigm,’’ ( co author, Inner Traditions, 2016.)

Since 1997, he has taught themes from these books in workshops and Retreats across England, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, Hawaii, Moorea, Australia, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Bolivia, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, New Zealand and Ireland. With ‘The Power of Shakti’ and ‘Womb Wisdom’ books and Retreats Padma has taught worldwide since 2007, he helped catalyse a world wide experiential  Renaissance around Womb Consciousness, the Foundation of the Feminine Self.

Creating guides in Australia, Hawaii, Turkey, USA, UK and France to teach others about Womb Consciousness, Shakti, Sacred Union and more, Padma also brought this Wisdom to previously ‘closed off’ countries such as Turkey and Slovenia. His online Courses are now used worldwide by different teachers to ignite Shakti and Womb Consciousness in tens of thousands of women and men.

As a father, his Rite of Passage that is part of the Design for Manhood through Conscious Birthing led to him co writing the book''The Souls Guide to Birthing,'' a lived map on how women and men can heartfully, consciously and soulfully birth themselves into embodying womb consciousness by birthing the new wave of evolved children. 

Padma is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Seer, which means he Sees, Knows and Communes/ Communicates with spirits, gods, devas, masters and souls from many dimensions.  As a Master of Sacred Sound, in particular Sanskrit, Egyptian and Aramaic, he uses these vibrations to rapidly shift consciousness. As a globally distributed music producer, Padma has performed worldwide, creating two albums for Sub Rosa/BMG: Rhythmic Intelligence, and Song of Light. He has appeared on BBC Radio One, Dreamland Radio, H20 Radio Network, XLR8R, Straight No Chaser, William Henry, Simran Singh, Variety Magazine, Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit and Christ Consciousness magazines amongst others. His two latest Albums, Life Cycles and Music for Christ Consciousness, are available online. 

His TV work involved discovering the first ever found mummified Tibetan Lama, a disciple of Buddha Padmasambhava, for 'Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy,' Discovery Channel 2001, and narrating Peabody Award Winner Stephen Olssen’s Cannes and SunDance Festival Documentary Sounds of the Soul about the legendary Fez Festival of World Sacred Music. In 1998, he was made Artistic Director of a show fusing world sacred music with 3D animation of our planets most iconic sacred sites for the Moscow Youth Olympics and Intel. In 2002 he became Artistic Director and Choir Director of The ONE Project, a unique theatre performance piece and DVD of immersive live and animated soundscapes based on the Names of God from five different sacred languages, which played in theatres and festivals in UK, USA and New Zealand. 

Much of his Work with Gaia has been facilitated by leading large groups to sacred sites worldwide for the last 15 years in 13 countries on 5 continents. These groups helped activate the land, gaining True Access through Gaia’s Guardians and Devas, allowing participants to reclaim soul connection to the Living Gaia. Padma himself has travelled to 40+ countries on his journeys of initiation and teaching.

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Padma’s spiritual training began at age 4 with his formal initiation into the Brahmin Lineage of Hinduism, which led into his reading the Bhagavad Gita, and then many European philosophers by age seven. At age 9 his learning capacity and IQ was recorded to be that of a 21 year old university student. At age 12 he realized he had read and understood enough, and decided he had to viscerally experience it all. Playing music seemed the best way to do this! At age 21, an experience of Unity Consciousness changed his life forever.

Shortly after this, Padma was initiated by the Divine Mother in India through a series of Graces, Openings and a Near Death Experience facilitated in Badrinath by the Master Babaji. This opened into Initiations into Saivite Tantra and the RK Veda through the Arunachala Sampradaya and Ganesha. He was also Initiated into Tibetan Tantras through female teachers Prem Prabhuta and Margot Anand.

Padma’s most powerful ‘formal’ Initiations came through Sri Om, an Awakened Teacher teaching quietly in London, from the lineage of the Buddhist Masters Tsongkhapa and Buddha Maitreya. After Being with these souls, and the energies of the 7 Indian Sages or Rishis, he Sat in Samadhi, the highest form of meditation and the goal of meditation, for two months, 18 hours a day. All these Initiations and Rememberings were necessary to bring forth the secret wisdoms and teachings that Padma has been entrusted with to share with the world. 

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