Aygün Kabadayı (Solara)

Aygün Kabadayı is an intuitive leader, healer and therapist. She guides people to embody their true selves and to live their life fulfilling their soul/heart desires.

My search for happiness began with hands-on trainings in hypnotherapy with the Deep Memory Process (DMP) with Roger Woolger. DMP helped me to explore different aspects of human-soul journey, emotional traumas, mind and body for three years. Sharing discoveries about my inner self and my passion to live “in-love” with my partner created courage in both of us to follow many diverse Tantric Trainings as a couple. With these intense trainings, I was able to face, discern, and own my sexual conditionings.

Serving as a facilitator of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Merkaba Training “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” workshops for four years helped me deepen in my re-connection with my heart, female intuition, my energy bodies, Gaia and Beloved Creator. With the guidance of Melchizedek`s wisdom it came intuitively to me that the next big transformational step for humanity will be through the womb.

This knowledge led me to Womb Wisdom teachings. I worked four years almost every day with desire and discipline on my inner core to increase my abilities in discernment, focusing, humility and holding more love. I could embrace my core wounds in my soul and bring them back into love. Embodying more love each time and releasing whatever is “not love” made me closer to Beloved God. My deepening connection with Divine brought me sovereign soulful relationships with my life, my man and my children. This is now an on-going process of growing in love, wisdom and shakti, which is leading me into “beingness”.

I am in-love with Womb Wisdom Teachings because they empower the soul and guide one to embody your true God-Given human blueprint here on earth. Namaste!

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