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Karmic Knots

Karmic knots are causes of many, but not all, karmic issues. Whilst some of them are situated in the spine, others are situated in the brain or held in the different energy bodies. Our karmic knots are the reason we...

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Ancestral Healing

The Ancestral DNA patterns within us keep us in deep traumas, pain, anger, sadness and suffering. Genetic patterns are passed on from our conception, gestation and birth, from our parents and grandparents, and then from ancestor to ancestor, stretching all...

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The Four Chakra Locks

Our chakra system has three main energy locks, known as granthis in Sanskrit. These three  energy locks are found in every human being, and are a key part of yoga and meditation practices on the Path to Enlightenment.

  1. The first lock...

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Samskaric Seeds

Samskaric seeds are your core seeds of suffering. Every action you have done based on need, desperation, craving, fear, ignorance and aversion leaves a subliminal impression in you. Every action you have done coming from fear and its many emotions...

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Located deep in the reptilian brain, the amygdala detects danger or emotion associated with past experiences from childhood and / or past lives that were stamped within the brain as being dangerous or emotionally significant. The amygdala, named similarly to...

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Placenta and Umbilical

The placenta is the first mother to each of us. It feeds us, and is there for us, providing all we need to survive, to grow, and to be born. It is our sustainer and protector, our first love, the...

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Four Baskets

When we are born, there are four stages to our emerging out from the womb into this world. These four stages of growth that all humans journey through become four underlying psychological and behaviour patterns of how we act, feel,...

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Abortion Healing

Abortion affects us deeply on a soul level. Not just for the mother but for all souls involved: the mother, the father and the unborn child. Going into the deep underlying emotional causes, releasing and healing with them, brings a...

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