All Transmissions are free, and are part of the safe Container the 7 Gates Course and The Web of Life hold for authentic personal and soulful transformation.

Abortion affects us deeply on a soul level. Not just for the mother but for all souls involved: the mother, the father and the unborn child. Going into the deep underlying emotional causes, releasing and healing with them, brings a deep felt understanding of life and unconditional love.

With humility, courage and willingness to heal, we tap into the underlying unfelt grief and correct our mistakes, forgiving on a fundamental level and opening a pathway for all souls involved to experience a denied love.

As well as covering the emotional trauma of abortion, miscarriage and still-birth, abortion is also a deep seated impulse to run away, deny, escape, not complete creative projects, abandon commitments and sabotage your unfilled desires and talents.

About 30% of all pregnancies worldwide are aborted. This is a sad statistic. Most abortions are not emotionally met, recognized or given any care. These events are handled in a soulless, unloving, mechanical way that create more shadows for all those involved. Healing abortions you have had is one of the deepest healings you will ever experience. It brings life back to that which is hidden and lifeless, and opens up the softest, most tender, and saddest parts of you back into embrace, forgiveness and love.

Abortion healing is a deep process. It cannot be done in just one day, one transmission or one healing. In this journey, we will heal aspects of guilt, shame and regret, and dive into the deep causal wounds and behaviours that created our often unconscious choices for abortion.

 The Womb and soul holds these experiences and emotions within you. Abortion has a deeply physical, emotional and spiritual impact on us, and needs to be worked with on all these levels in order to heal fully from it. If we do not feel and express the grief and pain of abortion, emotionally and physically, we lose part of our self. Our flow of life force becomes blocked, our sexual energy lessens and finds other pathways to stagnate into, and part of our heart freezes over. The Pulse of Life within our hearts and wombs becomes quieter and blocked. All of this can be released back into love through our unique 5 Step Healing Journey.

 This Healing Abortion Journey invites you to lovingly revisit the choices you made, bringing full consciousness to them and the deeper emotional causes. Often, this can be because of traumas inherited from our parents and ancestors. Having healed abortions and miscarriages ourselves, we understand the process from a deeply felt experiential perspective. With full compassion for you, this wound can be healed with the right steps we can all take.

Birth and death are two of the most crucial parts of our lives. Being part of an abortion is a 3 way process between you, your partner, and the child. All three souls are deeply affected in many and profound ways that alters the course of their lives and souls course FOREVER. 

Pre natal traumas in the womb, the actual birth process, and the death of an abortion are some of the deepest and most subconscious ways in which we live away from life and love. To heal your co creation of an abortion, (with or without your partner involved) is a deeply compassionate process and journey that can be both shocking and loving in equal measure.

What lies underneath this act is a deep grief within you that created this loss of life and harm to all the souls involved. This deep grief and pain within you is the cause, and along the way to feeling and releasing this lies a series of emotions and beliefs that you carry within your subconscious and which dictate much of your daily life from behind the scenes. 

Having an abortion robs you of part of your innocence

Having an abortion robs you of part of your respect for life, and deeper connection to life

Having an abortion robs you of part of your honour

Having an abortion robs you of part of your masculine or feminine power, wisdom, love and essence, for this aspect of your incarnation gets lost along with the baby.

Having an abortion makes you colder and shut off from a deeper love and softness within you, no matter how hard you ‘’try’’

Having an abortion makes you blot out part of yourself

Having an abortion makes you create compensations for the lack of love within you, projecting it onto the ‘’outside’’ world through other people, drugs, jobs, busyness, various spiritual remedies and so on to fill up the hole within you. 

 Healing an abortion makes you more humble

Healing an abortion brings you back into Divine Laws and Divine Love

Healing an abortion allows you to let go of all the karmic compensation that you have created in your life out of guilt, shame, sadness and fear

Healing an abortion will change your life and relationships

Healing an abortion opens you upto life

Healing an abortion sensitizes your soul to life, love and truth

Healing an abortion gentles you and makes you softer

Healing an abortion aligns you into more authenticity, truth and honesty in your whole life

Healing an abortion makes you more loving

Healing an abortion makes you more of a transformative agent of love wherever you go

Healing an abortion helps you see the truth of yourself and the whole world – it opens your eyes to Reality

Once you truly start to release the deeply seated emotional causes of why you did an abortion, you realise that it was not the logical intellectual reasons you first believed was the reason you did not want a child, such as – I don’t have enough money, I am not ready, what will others think about me, I am too busy, I have other things to do in my life at the moment etc.  

There are much deeper reasons why you had the abortion.

Compensating for an abortion runs throughout your whole life. Many of your friendships, and closer relationships will be a way to avoid feeling your abortion and a way to get the love that you lack within yourself from another, even in inappropriate and unloving relatings, because the veil is so thick. 

Having an abortion and forgetting about it does not work. Your subconscious is inundated with the effects of the abortion. It weighs heavily on your souls ability to truly give and receive love, and ALSO blocks the souls deepest desires and purpose from manifesting. How could your deepest most loving desire manifest from your soul into the world when there is a huge wall of denial, grief, sadness, guilt and shame built by you in its way? It will not work. 

Grieving an abortion is painful. The tears and pain are so deep that the softest, gentlest and yet most profound love from Mother God is what helps to heal it through your deep regret, remorse and repentance. This deep healing balm goes straight into your core, shaking you on your deepest foundational level. It is intimate, softly penetrating, realigning and touches one in places rarely touched before. 

Relationships change for the better, and become more loving; some relationships are left on the wayside. Most importantly, you are now FREE, emotionally, soulfully and sexually, to truly live your deepest hearts desires and come into a full alignment with Love. 

Healing Abortion is a journey. It is a short Course and Transmission. Please contact Aina Greta for more details.