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Located deep in the reptilian brain, the amygdala detects danger or emotion associated with past experiences from childhood and / or past lives that were stamped within the brain as being dangerous or emotionally significant. The amygdala, named similarly to Magdalene, handles our emotions and triggers in us the fight-or-flight response just as it did in caveman days.

Past traumas, emotional memories, and barriers to our deepest fulfillments and healings are stored in the amygdala, which keep playing out in vicious cycles of reaction. This needs healing. It affects the feminine part of your brain that holds memories and feelings of having separated from the masculine qualities of strength, courage, power, wisdom and will. It affects the masculine part of your brain that holds memories and feelings of having separated from the feminine qualities of love, nurturing, caring, compassion, empathy, tenderness and kindness.

The amygdala in conjunction with the hippocampus also contributes to the production of sexual feelings and dualities, as well as unusual and fearful phenomenon including out-of-body states, hallucinogenic and dream-like recollections, the experience of god, as well as demons and ghosts. It is the amygdala which enables us to experience emotions such as love and religious rapture, as well as the ecstasy associated with orgasm, and the dread associated with the unknown.

The amygdala is the heart chakra of the brain. When it opens, the whole brain starts to become healed, as the light and love radiates from the amygdala to the other brain centres. It governs heart wisdom, the love brain, and emotional intelligence. Thinking with the heart, responding and feeling with the brain. It is connected to expression in the present moment in a responsive way, to precisely what is occurring.

The amygdala is part of the portal to the feminine entrance to the third eye, found at the back of the brain. When it opens, the third eye starts to open up softly. Essential oils such as rose, amber, frankincense and myrrh help to stimulate and sooth the amygala, especially if done in an activation session. It takes about 5 days, sometimes more, to integrate this amygdala activation.