All Transmissions are free, and are part of the safe Container the 7 Gates Course and The Web of Life hold for authentic personal and soulful transformation.

The Ancestral DNA patterns within us keep us in deep traumas, pain, anger, sadness and suffering. Genetic patterns are passed on from our conception, gestation and birth, from our parents and grandparents, and then from ancestor to ancestor, stretching all the way back to your very first ancestor -your first father and first mother.

At each step along the way of this long genetic chain, each generation can add qualities, or additional defects, to the DNA pattern, then passing this information down to the next generation and so on. For example, the mother of a scientist friend of mine bent and broke her finger in her early 20’s. When John was born, this manifested in a curled up finger, which then also manifested in his daughter … and so on.

The cycle continues emotionally, in our birth story, in our relationships, in our capacities, and mentally, through beliefs and ways of being. Your parents and ancestors have deep pains that play out through your DNA and your children, marking your lives until one person helps resolve and heal the deep trauma on the soul-emotional-genetic level.

Every bloodline depends on one person to help open the door to liberate themselves and their part of the bloodline. Many of the more conscious people on earth, like you, have chosen this role out of unconditional love for your parents, your children and yourself, so they and YOU can become free of genetic-ancestral burdens, karma and inherited patterns that have repeated for many generations.

Once we step into this we become like a Christ to our bloodline, liberating them (as much as is able) from specific wounds, helping ourselves, parents, ancestors, our children, and our childrens children. We create great healing for ourselves and all of humanity, including our future generations that won’t carry these distortions forward any longer. Your children can receive your own healing particularly if they are under 7 years of age.

This healing is a visceral physical, emotional and spiritual experience. It can rewire your brain and perceptions, and can be felt deeply in your bones, your root, your body, your ovaries and your testes, which hold these imprints. The experience of feeling your ancestors around you, and giving you support, is deeply moving. Feeling the deep humility and purity of this healing in process, and the deep connection of all of you together in one flow of love can be profound and far reaching in how it affects your ability to give and receive love.

 When we expand our capacity to fully and freely give and receive love, we are in total harmony with ourselves, the flow of life, others and God. To have this open heart means that everything that is not love within you, every space, thought and emotion within you that has still not felt, tasted, experienced and embodied love, arises. Why? Because every part of you wants to taste love, to receive it, to feel it, and then to be so full with this love that it flows out from you in full giving to self, others and all.

This is the part of the Sacred Hoop, how we connect and breathe with Self and all life in harmony, in Ma’at, in Rtam, in Pono, in truth, divine order, in goodness and rightness with all.

Love brings up all that it is not. We all want this love. This lies at the heart of much deep soul healing for all people, including your ancestors. One has to humbly, emotionally and soulfully enter a sacred space with your ancestors. This is moving for everyone involved as healing connections and harmony between generations happen in a feminine way, which allows love to flow. 

Maya Alexander has a unique ability to see, deeply feel and communicate with your ancestors. They show themselves to her so they and YOU can become free of genetic-ancestral burdens, karma and inherited patterns that have repeated for many generations.

In an Ancestral Healing Session with Maya, you emotionally and soulfully enter a sacred space with her and your ancestors for deep healing and resolution. This is often quite profound and moving for everyone involved. The DNA changes that happen within a person can shift deep patterns forever.

In an Ancestral Healing Session with Maya, you may have specific questions or patterns you want resolved, which can then be explored and felt into to be released with the relevant ancestors. In other Sessions, you may not know what you need, but just feel a deep urge or calling to communicate with and heal your ancestral wounds. Maya helps create healing connections and harmony between the generations in a feminine way, which allows love to flow. Deep bodywork can be used in Sessions to release cellular memories out of meridians and chakras.

Sessions can be done in person or on Skype-telephone. For an appointment and to find out more, contact Maya

 ‘’I have done several ancestral healing sessions with Maya that went into a profound healing within soul and body. Maya’s presence is deep, soft, nurturing and skilled at navigating the complex realms of one's ancestry. She is clear and loving in her guidance, and is a deeply embodied woman, with a pure heart and accurate feeling sense. Much happens in the field of her loving presence, giving us permission to unravel and bring our own soul fragments home. This is a missing key for those who have done deep healing, but still find they are bumping up against familiar wounding on a causal level.ï¿œ‘’

Shekinah Zorensky, Author ’’Souls Guide to Birthing.’

‘’Maya works with whatever level you are on, and brings what is most needed in the moment to you and your ancestors. The deep, soft refined field of love created through her allows deep healing through the soul and into the body and DNA. This is profoundly graceful and scientific simultaneously; she is a feminine healer for our time.’’

Padma Aon, Author, ‘The Power of Shakti, Womb Wisdom, Divine Relationships: Birthing the New Paradigm, The Souls Guide to Birthing.