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When we are born, there are four stages to our emerging out from the womb into this world. These four stages of growth that all humans journey through become four underlying psychological and behaviour patterns of how we act, feel, and think throughout our later life. These four baskets, or four stages of the birth journey, are the different phases which the foetus develops in, when the baby experiences the mothers bodymind and emotions totally, when the foetus is totally dependent on the mother for everything.

These four are lived experiences of life, wounds that underpin and design much of who, and what we are. Our whole lives are influenced by these foetal wounds from which certain choices and decisions about how to be in life come forth. These wounds keep these decisions and patterns of behaviour alive, providing answers to deep seated and nagging questions like ‘why does this happen?’ and ‘why do I act like this?’ is found in the understanding and healing of the four baskets.

For to know these underlying wounds are there is one thing. For them to be healed and dissolved is another. These deep prenatal programs keep us bound, running our lives, like a tape continuously repeating itself in a feedback loop, keeping us stuck in the same pattern over, and over, again.

First basket

A person has no drive, no motivation in achieving anything in life. There is not any real energy or joy in that persons life, and it makes no difference what age they are. First basket people often have little faith in themselves, or in life in general. They have feelings of no progress, inertness, sitting here but still not actually being here. Everything is happening around them, but not to them "Why am I here?" is the question of the static first basket person.

In the womb, as the foetus grows it starts to feel more tired, wanting to come out but cannot, creating a feeling of helplessness. The baby cannot do anything. It is being subjected to a lot of changes, expansions, and contractions in the womb. The walls close in with great discomfort and tightness - you would like to come out but nothing is possible. There is no way out.

Second basket

Somebody who is stuck here is in enormous suffering, feeling constantly helpless. In taking up a job and career, in relationships they are stuck, not feeling that they get the love they want. Desperation, depression, and hopelessness are very often seen in being stuck in this basket, combined with a constant feeling of desperacy, and a lack of concentration. You will have the feeling that nothing can happen to, or for you. You experience helplessness, you feel suffocated, and much of life feels meaningless. You might want to leave anything and everything, and get irritated about little things.

The womb has become unbearable now. As the baby struggles anxiously to come out, it is being pushed in and out, being pushed back and forth towards its feeling of freedom. Then delivery begins! There is hope. Now I can come out, the sense of I can do something, but it still won't happen.

Third basket

The Third Basket person will have to perform great effort to get something in life. They must work very hard in any field to achieve moderate success. They go forward 3 steps and move 2 steps back. The person pays attention and feels as though he understands and receives it, but nothing arises from inside. They will make progress, would be expecting fruits, but are not able to reap the fruits fully. For 100% effort they will make 40% gain.

Fourth basket

This is the way into freedom, by actually coming out of the womb. These people often experience success easily. All good things come to them relatively effortlessly. People and resources are attracted to them, and want to help them. They get what they want by itself. Grace, ease of life and attraction, the "Midas touch" are the characteristics of the Fourth Basket person.