All Transmissions are free, and are part of the safe Container the 7 Gates Course and The Web of Life hold for authentic personal and soulful transformation.

Karmic knots are causes of many, but not all, karmic issues. Whilst some of them are situated in the spine, others are situated in the brain or held in the different energy bodies. Our karmic knots are the reason we do reincarnate from lifetime to lifetime, as they carry the seed of lessons still to learn.

Emanating out from each karmic knot are patterns which are held in the physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies. Each karmic knot is a 'seed,' from which the 'tree' of karma arises. Most spiritual work on the path is based on cutting, one by one, the branches of this tree until we reach the seed. At this point, the energy from Transmission can help dissolve the final residue of specific karmic issues. This liberated energy, once released, can then provide further 'fuel' to help you to resolve your other karmic issues.

We cannot make you learn the lesson - that is your lifes journey. We can help you to complete certain issues when you have learnt enough, and are open to complete the issue to allow you to move on.

Karmic Knots are connected to the much deeper Samskaric Seeds, the cause of Karmic Knots. Both together weave a web or matrix of suffering, a tree of illusion. Dissolving this matrix is the work of all our lifetimes.