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The placenta is the first mother to each of us. It feeds us, and is there for us, providing all we need to survive, to grow, and to be born. It is our sustainer and protector, our first love, the first experience of unconditional love we receive, and the twin with us in the womb.

The placenta is our first guardian, and protector. What consequences arise when we are separated from it? Could it be our first trauma, and separation? When our umbilical cord is prematurely cut, we are separated from our lifeforce and soul connection, still pulsing through the cord connecting us to our first mother. And this separation creates fear, borne out of disrespect, ignorance and contempt for the deeper connection between life, love, mother and child.

The loss, abandonment, and grief that we can experience in our unformed minds and bodies as we enter this world brutally and prematurely cut off from the nurturing, unconditionally loving envelope of the placenta in the womb is a huge conditioning and loss for us that can affect our lives. We actually experience these emotions for the first time in the body in this action of cutting off of placenta cords, for before this we, placenta, womb and mother were one. It is our first separation in this world.

When the trauma of this separation is healed, we can deeply relax and let go, as we find this connection within ourselves, and no longer feel so drawn to finding it outside. We feel our own source of nourishment and deep inner peace, comfort, and contentment that we may look outside for, in intimate relationship within us. We no longer feel the desperate need for another, to find ourselves in somebody outside of our own self. This allows us to engage in life with a new sense of freedom, peace, and balance found from healing your inner loss at this deep separation.

The placenta is the first mother to each of us. It is our first connection and interface to the 3D world, and is our first nourisher, supporter, and companion. Placenta is our sustainer and protector, our first love felt in the body, the first experience of unconditional love we receive. When we are cut off from this first source of love prematurely, it leads to us seeking love outside of our own self, in a conditional way.

Sadly, this is what happens to over 99 percent of us when our umbilical cord is prematurely cut when we are born, because we are separated from our life force and soul connection which is still pulsing through the cord connecting us to the placenta. This cut happens before the placenta has transferred its emotional nurturing qualities and soul essence to us.

This sudden separation creates shock and fear, borne out of ignorance for the deeper connection between life, love, mother and child. The loss, abandonment, and grief that we can experience in our unformed bodies and minds as we enter this world brutally and prematurely cut off from the nurturing, unconditionally loving envelope of the placenta is a huge conditioning for us. We actually experience separation for the first time in the bodymind in this action of cutting the umbilical cords, for before this placenta, womb, baby, and mother were one. It is our first separation in this world.

As adults, you can heal this separation within yourself through a placenta healing, which hundreds of men and women who have experienced this healing can testify to. Indeed, an entire chapter from The Power of Shakti Book is based on these men and women’s experiences of the placenta healing method, which reconnects the umbilical cord back to Source.

The feeling of deep peace, softness, nurturance, being comforted and held gently yet powerfully in this wound, reintroduces this frequency back to our bodymind and soul, uniting them. The effects of this can be both “wonderful and frightening,” as DK reports. For him, it “felt at first as if I was in the womb, surrounded by peace and love . . . a time before any thought. Then I experienced being born. The umbilical cord was cut and I experienced much fear and terror. I felt separate. I had a hard time catching my breath. Finally, I was able to breathe through the fear and terror. Then again I felt the peace and love surrounding me, except this time it came from within, and not from without.”

The body, mind, and soul can really feel how big this trauma is, for when we feel cut off from the umbilical cord, we feel cut off from the information of love. “I feel my placenta is my own connection to the love of the universe and a divine connection to other human beings. It's my first connection to universal, unconditional love.” When the placenta is cut off too early, one woman experienced “a deep loneliness, sadness, emptiness, and loss.”

When you are cut off from the feeling of love so early in life, many beliefs arise to fill this hole. For some people who have experienced the healing of their placenta, such beliefs can include the feeling of “I could be abandoned every time I’m in a relationship so I feel I have put on many subterfuges to not be abandoned.”

The inner battle between liking and disliking of one’s self, self-love and self-hatred also arises. As one woman put it, “The following day I literally fell in love with myself! It was a very new feeling to me. . . . I don't how to explain but I felt there wasn't anymore a separation between me and myself. I used to feel a little disconnected with who I am, maybe not really accepting who I am. I felt I was back into myself. I wasn't harsh to myself anymore . . . I was kind to myself.”

The feelings of softness, warmth, kindness, and gentleness return to this part of yourself that has been forgotten, and most importantly, unnurtured. The healing of this separation can re-evoke in us the cellular memory of being connected, of being nurtured by the Mother, that gives us security in life, in our own loving and nurturing capacities, and in intimate relationship.

As M. C. puts it, “The energy that pulses through the cord from the placenta is the Divine Mother nourishing us. It is neither wholly our biological mother’s nor ours alone, but something that connects us to one another and to the Divine Mother. This Divine energy is transferred to us, into our bodies by the Mother through the placenta. Regardless of how our biological mothers feel or who they are, the Divine wants us to thrive more than anything. The energy we receive while in the womb is what brings Spirit into us. It is the part that can save us from destroying everything . . . it is possibly as close as we can get to Spirit before our souls are fully awakened. It is, in effect, a great mystery and miracle. The Divine Mother is in and around all of us—we all have the most wonderful mother, as loving as we can imagine and beyond.”

Letting the placenta drop off and release by itself, usually between three to seven days after being born, leads to peace and the wisdom, “I receive,” “I have everything I need,” “Everything is here and now.” As another woman put it, “I’m connected to unconditional love of the source and nothing, never could cut that. I feel myself in security: I’m loved!”

In Cambodia the placenta is known as “the globe of the origin of the soul” and for the Maori it is te whenua (the land) that nourishes the people, as does the whenua (placenta) of the woman. Mother, child, and land are all intimately interconnected, each nourishing and sustaining the other. When one is looked after, the others benefit also. All are interconnected from the moment of conception itself! This living connection establishes and sustains the vital personal and soul link between the land and the child, and among the human soul, physical body, and life force.

When this connection is not honored, mother, child, and land all suffer, as life itself is not being respected, nurtured, and cared for. In consciously keeping the connection between placenta and child by not cutting the cord and by burying the placenta underground (and by having the mother connect to the land as well through ceremony) the living threads of energy that interconnect and sustain ourselves, our community, and Gaia, weave us together in the web of life and love.

In healing the umbilicus trauma, we can reconnect with this chord of love that roots us into Gaia, triggering the remembrance in our body’s cellular memory. As Sue shares, “My body was heavy . . . going into the earth. As I sat with this energy I was visited by three indigenous souls. The longer I sat quietly, the deeper the stillness, the deeper the peace, and the more connected into body and earth I became . . . very nurturing and blessed.”

When the trauma of this separation is healed we can deeply relax and let go, as we find this connection within ourselves, and no longer feel so drawn to finding it outside. We feel our own source of nourishment and deep inner peace, comfort, and contentment that we may look outside for in intimate relationship, within us.

Healing Our First Cord of Connection Deep emotion and tears are common during and after the umbilicus healing, as are physical discharges from the womb, fatigue, headaches, womb cramping, and physical pains and stiffness. This is because the severing of the cord creates a false body attitude in all of us. When the energetic cause of this false attitude is removed, the body can return to more of its natural, healed state.

These symptoms arise because of this split between body and mind and are healed by the reintroduction of the soft, enveloping feeling of the placentas nurturing energy being remembered on the physical level, which creates shifts in conjunction with the body’s innate wisdom. As H. T. put it, “I feel I'm making peace with my physical body.” After a placenta healing, many people feel a new, with a great sense of wellness being encoded in their bodies. Expanded states of peace also arise with the feeling that something has finally come to rest deep within them: the cord that was cut has now been reconnected back to its source.

As J. H. put it, “It was as if my whole inner being, my self, was gone, joining the deepest part one can search for and being welcome there. This very soft and wonderful vibration traveled all over my body… there were no boundaries, just intense light.” As L. P. put it, “The energy I experienced was very soft, flowing very sweet, gentle but powerful, and cleared out a lot of samskaras [imprintings].” As C. O. recounted, “It felt as my womb felt after giving birth, as an emptying without the intense contractions, a warmth of the flow of something, similar to the bleeding in menses. In my emotional body there was the sense of letting go of something that has been with me my entire physical life.”

Remembering this essence on a cellular level is, according to D. W., like “a deep basking in the inner light: very sweet. I am becoming significantly less engaged with external drama . . . getting triggered by the world around me far less. I am experiencing lovely feelings of contentment and a sense of being supported by my own Source, the inner light feels near and accessible. I also seem to have had a breakthrough in terms of my tendencies to judge those around me.” In this reclaiming we can experience that “recurrent feelings of shame, self-judgment and self-worthlessness are simply gone: I do not react to triggers with an automatic response anymore,” as U. C. stated

The placenta healing can aid the psychosomatic healing of family and ancestral issues that tend to linger on into our adult lives. For U. C., who had done a lot of healing on her mother’s issues but was unable to break through her inherited family dysfunctions, “Healing the placenta also means healing the information that was passed from mother to child in utero. The relief I now feel from this healing is indescribable. I feel that I can now move on and get out in the world in action . . . so that feels like being born, quite simply.”

In many births the balance between the energetic and physical is disrupted by the physical placenta being removed, yet still the remaining cords to the energetic placenta continue to hold connection to the child’s soul. In order to complete this unfinished part of the process we have to heal the energetic placenta, reconnect the cord, and let go. To bring resolution to the process of the spirit-placenta reconnection means that both the child’s soul and the mother’s soul are laid to rest, healing, restoring, and regenerating Shakti.

You can remedy the placenta disconnection through gentle, loving, natural birth practices for your own children, stopping this harm happenign to your child and their future before it even begins. When allowance is given for the umbilical cord to drop away naturally after birth, usually after 24-48 hours, all the life force of the placenta gets transferred along the cord to the baby, and the etheric field around baby and placenta is sealed and deeply integrated. This complete field results in a stronger immune system and the baby feeling safe, nurtured, respected, and balanced. Baby feels supported and nurtured, and ready to make the step into this world in a safe, secure, loving way that suits the child’s rhythms.

By doing this, you can help your children avoid fears of scarcity, emotions of deep loss, instinctual cravings for love and fundamental deep seated insecurities. 

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