All Transmissions are free, and are part of the safe Container the 7 Gates Course and The Web of Life hold for authentic personal and soulful transformation.

’Samskaric seeds create the deepest imprints within our way of seeing and engaging with our world. Receiving a samskaric seed transmission is akin to having all the familiar furniture removed from your home. Our inner landscape of impulse and impetus to engage in our world is devoid of a charge that has been with us as long as we can remember. This takes time to integrate, to adapt to a new way of being, based on love, rather than reaction to deeply imbedded circumstance. One’s outer circumstances will change quickly and drastically…so beware, and surrender to the possibility of a resonance and harmony beyond what you have ever known.

Shekinah Zorensky

Samskaric seeds are your core seeds of suffering. Every action you have done based on need, desperation, craving, fear, ignorance and aversion leaves a subliminal impression in you. Every action you have done coming from fear and its many emotions and beliefs, (not actions arising from love, truth or empowered action) leaves a samskaric seed within you.

These impressions are subliminal activators of further suffering patterns within us, creating grooves and memories in the mind, brain, DNA and body that form our experience of suffering and identification with the unreal: i.e who we are not. These seeds are the antithesis of your pure Self.

When samskaric seeds ripen, they activate and create impulses within you, powerful motivators of unconscious actions, toxic and painful emotions, limiting thoughts, outmoded beliefs and distorted patterns. These lead you into repeating old and de-evolutionary actions, relationship patterns, emotional ways of being stuck and old beliefs. In this way, you become bound by your previous actions, doomed to repeat them until you break free of them on a causal level.  

These seeds are holding patterns reflected in the physical body, held in seed form in deeper parts of the subtle bodies.

The samskaric seed comes first. The energy from the seed creates a geometry, a pattern of moving, distorted energy that moves throughout your entire being, manifesting as thoughts, emotions, attitudes, behaviours and actions. These habit patterns are an actual energetic phenomena of subtle energy coursing through your subconscious structures, informing your everyday life and decisions without you even knowing about it. This energy habit pattern is known as a vasana, and from here the fruit of karma ripens and is formed.

It is a three stage process. Without the seed origin point of the samskaric seed, the energies that form the geometry and its actions within you collapse in on themselves. The student has to be ready for this release from their old false identity, and for many it can take years for this to happen. 

Samskaric seeds are different to karmic knots, which are found in the spine.  Karmic Knots are the effects of samskaric seeds: samskaric seeds are the cause of the web of karmic knots, similar to a fishing net with its many knots. When a person is ready, a samskaric seed can be dissolved through a focused point of fire and love. Sage Vyasa calls this effect like ‘’ a burnt seed of rice.’’

In a Samskaric Seed Transmission, the effects may be felt as heat and releases from brain, DNA and different parts of the body. Memories of the past actions, emotions and thoughts may also arise, like in a fast paced movie, as they dissolve. Body pains may arise. Lightness and relief is felt. Emotions may arise as they dissolve.  

All Transmissions are free, and are an inclusive part of the safe Container the Courses hold for authentic personal and soulful transformation.