All Transmissions are free, and are part of the safe Container the 7 Gates Course and The Web of Life hold for authentic personal and soulful transformation.

Our chakra system has three main energy locks, known as granthis in Sanskrit. These three  energy locks are found in every human being, and are a key part of yoga and meditation practices on the Path to Enlightenment.

  1. The first lock is in the Root Chakra, and it governs our grounding, money, survival, family issues, safety, and abundance.
  2. The second lock is in the Solar Plexus Chakra, holding our empowerment, giving us the ability to be selfless, sovereign, vital and radiant.
  3. The third lock in the Throat Chakra governs our ability to fully express ourselves, and surrender our sense of separation.
  4. The fourth lock is in the Womb, guarding our connection to the higher chakras and the healing of our womb, and to the nurturing of the body with light. In the release of this lock, abortions, old relationships, debris, and unhealthy connections to the collective womb of all women, the womb of the mass consciousness of humanity, can be released as the womb opens more. When they are clear and activated we connect with the full un-bounded expression of life-force, healing age old wounds in both the male and female consciousness.

As the locks release, we enter the Unified Chakra Column, where all the chakras merge into a single Pillar of Light. This experience of Stillness and Light is where all chakras become whole. Where the dualities of the chakras cease to exist, and where everything in our experience becomes graceful, natural, joyful, and abundant.

Due to the Womb's unique association with the Throat, both these transmissions are always given together. This may help clear blocks to expression and speaking truth, facilitating the Voice of the Womb to speak.