The Womb is your Feminine Centre, Sage and Love 

Door to the Web of Life

                                  living Shakti connecting all beings in pulsing, magnetic life force                                  

Gateway into the Beloved

                   Womb Consciousness is the birthing of the Return of Feminine Wisdom,

                                                        birthing conscious creations for a New Paradigm, and birthing the New Children                                            

                She is a timeless bridge into our full human evolutionary potential, missing until Now

              Womb Consciousness is a living, breathing container for Sacred Relationships and the depths of soulful intimacy we all yearn for

         The Womb is the foundation of Woman, primordial, rich soil of original love, strength, space and power

A Woman’s magnetic foundation, the seat of her Queen

 She opens through currents of dynamic life-force and pure feelings weaving through your body and soul,

activating your innate love to arrive into the roots of your humanity,

allowing heart to safely ground and bloom into innocence

In this dance of life where Love and Shakti merge within us, we Become part of the Web of Life

Welcome to Womb Wisdom

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The Seven Gates - Journey Into the Womb

The Seven Gates
Journey Into the Womb

Facilitated By Shekinah and Maya

The Seven Gates is a timeless initiatory journey into the Womb, the centre of the feminine consciousness. The 7 Gates are a total journey into the soulful, sensual, emotionally loving being YOU are, activating the magnetic pathways inside your body that activate innate love within you. They bring your soul into flesh.

This Journey heals and merges your emotions, your soul, your sexual energy and the Divine together as One. The 7 Gates are the basis of Sacred Union and sacred relationship with Self, with your partner, with a consciously conceived Child and with God.

Find out more about this Course and Retreat - registrations now open for June 2017

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Dimensions Of Love

Dimensions Of Love

7-9 July - Haarlem, The Netherlands

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The Seven Gates - Journey Into the Womb: Cycle 1

The Seven Gates - Journey Into the Womb: Cycle 1

January 24, 2018

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Los Siete Portales - El Viaje Dentro del Vientre

Los Siete Portales - El Viaje Dentro del Vientre

27 July 2017 - 6 Month Online Course

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